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7 Replies to “ALEXANDRIA – Pro-Morsi Salafists kill young people in Sidi Gaber area”

  1. I read from an unreliable source that Qatar provided Egypt with 13 billion dollars in aid. I know for sure that Qatar provided 3 billion.

    Without the handouts form concerned countries Egypt would have ZERO money in the bank and many people would be starving, not just Shias and Christians and others.

    But many Salafis would be starving. This starvation would be the result of Salafi policies.

    These idiots do not get it. Get rid of 10% of the population, the so called infidels, and there still is not enough food, because the Salafi way of governing is just that stupid.

  2. I got this from albawaba.


    The American press is to Gd American centric. Sure I want to know if the government gave Egypt any loans or grants. I also want to know about the debate and who is on what side. But other countries are giving grants and loans and you cannot see the big picture unless you have that information.

    And the damn web searches are not that productive.

    anyway Egypt has received about 8,5 billion in grants and loans since the revolution. they lost 22.5 billion in foreign currency reserves. If they had not received 8.5 billion by April they would have had about 5 billion instead of 13.5 billion in reserves. That is enough money for a couple months of imports.

    Meanwhile some local street punks and youths are worried about someone not being devout enough according to their flavor.

  3. “In order to prop up social spending, preserve costly fuel and food
    subsidies, service the debt, and counter the effects of investor capital flight, the central government has been running huge budget deficits and drawing down its foreign exchange reserves.

    Almost three-quarters of Egypt’s national budget is spent on state salaries, subsidies, and interest payments. In its current fiscal year, Egypt’s annual budget deficit could range from $26 billion to $31 billion;”


    Egypt would have more money if they would not frighten tourists, kill tourists or appoint a governor who has killed tourists.

  4. That was a shocking video of killing unarmed prisoners. The Islamist Monkey is an evil bloodthirsty beast, of that there is no doubt.

    All David Cameron sees are blood engorged loins that if he can massage, all will be well. Such are the dhimmis who perceive these events only as thighing times, the struggle of sexual dominance that will pass and peace will ensue. The feminized rational of homosexuals and femen in government, for a single marriage on the world stage.

  5. The tourism business, apart from….er, something else, perhaps…is their single biggest money maker.That’s finished. And, to my eternal amusement, it’s solely based on ‘pre-Islamic ignorance’. There is not one single artefact or stone in Egypt worth seeing from Islam onwards. Astonishingly, morons have still been going there on holiday, and I know there are British holidaymakers there now. Have these people been lobotomised?

  6. – Johnjoe

    It must be horrible to be an Egyptian and to know that the people who your people murdered off a thousand years ago were superior to you in every way, and to have that fact underscored on a daily basis by the hoards of tourists who come to see the wonders of “not you”. When will it start occurring to Muslims that their only real problem in life is the fact that they are trapped in an evil, useless, retrograde religion, and that their only solution is to quit that religion immediately…

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