Police thwart plot to bomb B.C. legislature on Canada Day


Times Columnist:


The bombs were filled with rusted nails, which would have been sprayed into the crowd had they exploded as intended.


Nuttall’s lawyer, Victoria’s Tom Morino, said his client had converted to Islam and embraced the Muslim faith. He said the alleged offences are “absolutely unrelated” to any mosque group or any other established organization. “I am not aware of any mosque with which he is affiliated.”

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3 Replies to “Police thwart plot to bomb B.C. legislature on Canada Day”

  1. “RCMP officials said there is currently no evidence to suggest that the plot is linked to the Boston Marathon bombings, which also involved pressure cooker devices.”


    I just don’t believe the RCMP. These guys had to go on line or otherwise taught to use pressure cooker. I could see a person trying to make TATP or a pipe bomb but not a pressure cooker. Who would think of that? Not many. these guys were online on jihadi sites, anarchist site (possible but not probable ) or were inspired by Boston.

    I bet a lot of RCMP visit shrinks or priests to deal with their taqiyya problem.

  2. ” “inspired by Al Qaeda ideology,” it was “a domestic threat, without international linkages.” Additionally, officials said that there was no evidence that Nuttall and Korody had support from or were acting at the direction of a specific terrorist group.”


    These guys were definitely online. That is probably how the police found them. We know that under liberla regimes, security services would not dare monitor known radical mosques. but they will monitor churches and synagogues.

  3. The directions for making these bombs is from (I think the fall edition, 2012 of) the Al-Qaeda magazine, ‘Inspire’ which you can see on BCF and many other sites.

    There is no question they went online for the directions. Inspire is not available in print or from your local magazine store. If such exist anymore.

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