Video of Hindu ‘love jihad’ in India

There will be more of these soon.

The Interview was taken by a very renowned Bajrang Dal Human Rights and Women’s rights Activist, Parash Rajput. As of now he has helped 400 Hindu victims of Islamic jihad

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3 Replies to “Video of Hindu ‘love jihad’ in India”

  1. It may have started out romantically but then she was raped by him, and he video taped it and then blackmailed her with it to force her to marry him, her rapist.
    So this love jihad quickly became rape jihad and blackmail jihad.

    By the way, I think it is not appropriate for the interviewer to ask such details of this victim as birth date, and her home address, along with her full name on video. He may have it separately but on video I don’t think it protects her privacy and thus safety. I hope someone informs him of him possibly risking these victim’s safety.

  2. I agree I cut out the worst of it and replaced her home address with X’s but now that I watch it again anyone listening can get the address.

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