Links and news for July 1 2013 – 1

1. The video I posted earlier with a link to Robert Spencer’s site, I felt was so important that I re did the video with subtitles and Mr. Spencer’s biography of him included in a title so that people can see this as a stand alone thing. Why has he not been arrested as an enemy of the state or conspiracy to theft rape and murder?

2. Another foreign reporter raped in Tahrir Sq.

This makes the case for some kind of robotic reporting machine. Maybe one that is a version of a Dalek. Either that or else Western Universities won’t give you a doctorate in Journalism unless you get raped there on the job. I mean can’t these people read?

3. Kansas Jewish Man Refused Entry into Britain due to immigration personnel antisemitism. 

Read that one please. Its rather important and revealing. This is why you do not hire foreign nationals to do important government work unless you want them to set your policies for you.

4. 640 Females in Birmingham Hospital Get Treatment for Genital Mutilation

(And that is just one hospital in the UK)

5. 1,000 knife crime victims in London each month, shocking new figures show

6. 46 sexual assaults in Tahrir protests Sunday 30 June: Anti-harassment group. 

(The US govt. supplied Afghan warlords with lots and lots of viagra to assist them in raping their very young wives. I wonder if the pro Mursi forces are getting it as well.)

7. Yes, You Can Tell the Truth About Jihad Violence in Britain (As Long As You’re For It)

H/T EDL Buck

When he learned that Pamela Geller and I had been banned from entering Great Britain, Roger Kimball wrote in a marvelous PJ Media piece entitled “Free Speech Dies in UK” that what Geller and I do is “speak out against the intolerance of Islam,” for that, we are not welcome in a country where recently a British soldier was “hacked to death by Muslim fanatics.” He summed up the situation in a single phrase: “the irony of the situation is rich.” And since then, it has gotten even richer than that.

8. Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

Reports of NSA snooping on Europe go well beyond previous revelations of electronic spying

9. BBC reports from Tahrir Sq.

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8 Replies to “Links and news for July 1 2013 – 1”

  1. Presuming article #3 is accurate, the UK border agency and its subcontractors are taking their orders from a higher source in the government. The UK government is riddled with lackeys, lapdogs, and sycophants of Islam.

  2. Okay I am naive. How would the custom official know that Chip Cantor is Jewish? Was he wearing the Jewish version of a skull cap?

    It should be easy to discipline the customs official. There is a paper trail of the deportation. There has to be a reason give for the deportation but it won’t pass the smell test. But seeing how Europeans have ministers of culture and religion and are such pathetic, spineless sops, I am sure they will take no effective action except to get on their knees & open.

    I have too many European relatives and they are under the thumb of ladder climbing incompetent people.

  3. Channel 4 defends decision to air Islamic call to prayer throughout Ramadan

    Channel 4 executive Ralph Lee has strongly defended the decision to air the Islamic call to prayer (adhan) throughout Ramadan.

    The head of factual programming insisted that the broadcast fulfils part of the channel’s remit to give a “voice to the under-represented” – but also recognises a religion that is “flourishing”.

    Writing in the Radio Times, Lee said: “No doubt Channel 4 will be criticised for focusing attention on a ‘minority’ religion but that’s what we’re here to do – provide space for the alternative and a voice to the under-represented.

    “And let’s not forget that Islam is one of the few religions that’s flourishing, actually increasing in the UK. Like Channel 4’s target audience, its followers are young. It’s recently been reported that half of British Muslims are under 25.”

    Channel 4 will broadcast calls to prayer throughout the fasting month of Ramadan, which begins on Tuesday 9 July. The adhan will also be available online.

    Channel 4 said the prayer will be transmitted “directly into British living rooms at the exact time Muslims prepare for their first prayers and as they begin their fast every morning during Ramadan.”

  4. One way to tell a liberal is their refusal to accept reality, the left says the protesters love the west so the libs think it is safe to cover them no matter how many claim to have been raped.

  5. Re the greasy “PhD from Yale” fellow:

    I shouldn’t laugh, but the “wuzza wuzza yada yada” cracks me up. Tsk tsk tsk it’s sooooo disrespestful….to the YALE ??????? THAT YALE ??? master’s and PhD?

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