Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, arrested outside Tower Hamlets

Tommy and Kev, who had walked from Hyde Park, have been arrested at Aldgate, on the border of Tower Hamlets, which appears now officially a “no go zone” for natives.


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  1. No surprise here the UK government has become lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam. It is just a damned shame that a few Brits cannot walk through a public area in one;s own country, while the vile, violent demagogues, get police protection for their very large ‘hate marches’ carrying specific threats and messages.

  2. What we are seeing is an example of the Soft Tyranny that the left is putting in place in Britain and the US.

    Here is an example of what the soft Tyranny leads to if left in place for very long.

  3. So, Tommy and Kevin were arrested “on suspicion of obstructing police”? This obviously gives the police higher-ups the time to figure out what really to charge them with when these charges prove to be the sham that they are.

    But, it’s all intended to humiliate and intimidate those who dare to do what free people do: practice freedom of movement and freedom of association. Apparently, these two brave men are so likely to incite Muslim anger at them as they walk through Muslim areas that the police are hell-bent to prevent that—wouldn’t look good for the Muslim attackers, would it?

    However, as the police have learned, these two are not so easily intimidated, although some of the worst practices of a police-state-in-the-making have been tried on them.

    And really, shouldn’t it be the police charged with obstructing Tommy and Kevin, denying them the basic freedoms that every British citizen should have?

    England, land of my forefathers, you are truly done.

  4. This is video ***GOLD****

    At a guess i would say 100 thousand more EDL sympathizers (more if it is shown on TV) and another few thousand new EDL members.Plod was obviously told to arrest them “no matter what”
    just to take a British street.

  5. The police aren’t allowed to pick and choose which laws they will enforce. They have failed to do their jobs and have failed to uphold the law. Wouldn’t it be different if the police were held accountable for their actions? Imagine every time they failed to uphold the law, they were taken to court? I think that would change things.

  6. I watched the video and it’s a mystery to me which British law was broken by Tommy and Kevin. This is police harassment, pure and simple. And notice the police reluctance to deal with the person who assaulted Kevin. “We’ll deal with that” the officer kept saying, as she, obviously uncomfortable at the presence of the video cameras, told these two brave lads that she was arresting them. As disbelief registered with the two, even the arresting officer acted as though she couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. From how high up in the British government did these orders come?

  7. The political class in the UK for whatever reason have become groveling apologists, lackeys; and lapdogs of Islam. These feckless, balless poor excuses for elected representatives of the people have prostituted themselves to the demagogues, hate mongers, and Islamist rabble rousers.

  8. To all of the above;
    Scotland yard had laid massive restrictions on Tommy and Kev.
    The fact that they got arressted in /on the border area of a muslim enclave after being fake attacked by the far Brighton left just really tells you whos side the police are. The Law, they were under instructions to arresst them both “Should troble occure”.

  9. That’s why they got as far as they did today, think about it. They were limited from Hyde park to outside the house of Lords, yet they were allowed to go that far.

  10. What would happen if we used the White House petition page top petition that certain government officials be denied entry to the U.S. on the basis of their racism?

  11. @ Richard: thanks for that video!
    @ Bains – that video really IS gold, other than it makes me sooooooooooo angry to a point where I don’t dare articulating what I think about that police woman – bull-dyke, closet islamist, or waste of space? Perhaps the 3. This video, as irritating as it is to watch should be broadcast wide and far and often!
    Someone commented on it like so: These two EDL boys get arrested for being attacked: it’s like the woman getting stoned to death because she was raped. And in-your-face, but quite plausible comparaison.

  12. This here plod surely in the bag. As for “just following orders,” that justification got tossed a long time ago. Plod-the-Bitch is “a *Senior* Police Officer,” no less. A pack of cowards who turn tail & run fr the REAL menace, that pack of rabid, hyped-up ragheads.
    As usual, Eeyore, you put it perfectly: Stick a fork in, England is done.

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