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22 Replies to “Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll of the EDL assaulted then arrested during charity walk to Woolwich”

  1. Quis custodiet ipsos custodiet? (Juvenal)

    I wonder if there is any way say 50,000 or so patriots could be mustered, committed and strong hearted to a man and woman, to undertake this walk instead; how would the grovelling, Islamophilic new Gestapo manage that one, particularly if all of these thousands of people came together independently, singly or in small groups, from every direction and from every part of the land to finally coalesce in one place at one time and then to advance with courage and determination, all prepared to support each other in the face of the brutality that would be brought down upon them?

    Then, again, I wonder if there are even 50,000 patriots left in this country after all these years of indoctrination and intimidation but, if there are, they will have to move soon and do so without central co-ordination, the only commonalty being awareness of the day and the time and that neither banners, nor uniforms nor flags be carried so that they appear nothing more than the common man going about his lawful business.

    In such a scenario they would be difficult to kettle, beat or arrest until they were too many and too big to handle; it is easy for our Police State enforcers to put their jackboots on the necks of a few individuals, but how would they be able to do it to tens of thousands?

    ”To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”

  2. The same tards that arrest people to protect community cohesion are the same people that disregarded community cohesion when it came to immigration.

    That is a double standard.

  3. Not only did they immigrate people without regard to community cohesion, they chose the very people who against community cohesion unless they get to dictate the community values.

  4. The leftards borrowed the concept of cohesion (community cohesion) for the military, which has the concept of unit cohesion.

    Yet the very same criminal leftards derided unit cohesion, when it comes to gays and women in the military. (As an aside I have yet to see several all female units be rated against several all male units during exercises or in war. There will always be women in the military. but how the tards have integrated stuff after their dilletante study of the art and science of war is criminal.)

  5. Seneca III — What you suggest is done all the time in the U.S. using social networks. The blacks do it when they want to mob a store and steal stuff — “smash and grab”. There will be hundreds, summoned by Facebook or Twitter.
    They’re called Flash Mobs. Well, ours could be a peaceful Flash Mob quietly entering a target area by the thousands and gobsmacking the authorities. Problem is – how do we know who to twitter.

  6. 1st it was multiculturalism (tossed salad not the melting pot which the left despises).
    Then it is community cohesion.

    It is just the left saying we effed up. We’re trying to maintain power as long as possible . Maybe the Muslims will kill us last or we can make the transition form leftist elite to Muslim elite.

    I for one expect a former mayor of London to do exactly this. He already has 3 wives. After he turns he will reward himself with a 4th wife who is young and scrumptious.

  7. Pavelina

    You do it in cells. One person reaches out to 4 or 5 friends or acqaintences of known sympathies. They let their “higher up” know that how many they have, how committed they are, etc. When enough people report, a Robinson or a Carrol tweets. Then people peacefully converge a la Martin Luther King. No violence on their part.

    Later on it gets more formal.

  8. all Canadian commerce with Britain should stop immediately,

    Where are the sanctions and the so called bullshit demands for the rights of citizens that are made against other countries


  9. The moron who assaulted and the guy in? the red jacket are most likely police officers

    They most likely were trying to see Tommy’s reaction when they were confronted

    Tommy’s reaction was to counter his assault this is mostly likely why the cops closed the streets to the EDL and the fact they didn’t let the women dhimma compliant police officer in charge get to say what she wanted to say.

  10. This is the police that deliberately turned a blind eye, over a period of over ten years, to the rape of very young White girls by Muslims.

    There is something very rotten in the realm.

  11. The female uniformed officer bit her lip and spit out her verdict, Tommy and Kevin were “being arrested for obstructing police”.
    So there you have it. . .the Orwellian elastic vocabulary of local constabulary: “obstructing police” = “enforcing sharia” in the UK’s first officially sanctioned “no go zone”.

  12. The Police and the government are doing a very good job in the way of giving more sympathy and support to the EDL.There good work does more for recruitment than Anjem Choudrey and his goons.

  13. “all Canadian commerce with Britain should stop immediately,”

    I’d like to say that too morticiaa, to protect the British People from the slavery of Socialism, but the European Human Rights Act Section 8 says:
    “(2) There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of… the economic well-being of the country”

    With this legislation they are freely entitled to spy on my family, tear my home apart and put me in prison.

    Please, Just do what is right by your conscience.

    Oh, I forgot, a thought crime is a hate crime.

    Excuse me, I think there’s someone trying to get in…

  14. British Police Threatened to Arrest Grooming Victim for Reporting Rapes

    Daily Mail—During her primary school years, Katie was considered academically gifted and dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist.

    At home, her loving parents read her bedtime stories and would at times remind her to feed her giant African land snail.

    But when she turned 12 her life changed forever. Sitting on some steps with a friend in Oxford, Katie was approached by two Pakistani brothers who befriended her with alcohol and cigarettes.

    She was flattered by the attention they paid her, completely unaware she was being groomed for sexual exploitation until it was too late.



  15. Tommy and Kevin was set up by the British police!

    As Seneca III say “Quis custodiet ipsos custodiet?”

    Who guards the guards?

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