Links and News for June 26 – 3

1. Some good news. At least for Canadians. Section 13 of the criminal code appears to be dead and buried. This is the law that has been used to create chill and what are tantamount to islamic flavoured blasphemy laws. I say Islamic flavoured because only people who say and do things that are offensive to muslims as they define it get prosecuted. Please click through to Blazing Cat Fur for this ray of sunshine.

2. While the UK announces cuts in welfare benefits for people who are likely enemies of the state, the UK seems to be budgeting a stink load of cash for extra security. This seems like a reasonable thing to do actually. If they follow through with welfare cuts to angry tards.

3. Sword-wielding pedestrian charged after allegedly threatening driver who blocked crosswalk. (But think of all the great restaurants)

PICKERING, Ont. — A 25-year-old Pickering, Ont., man is facing charges after a pedestrian pulled a sword from his pants and threatened a driver he’d accused of blocking a crosswalk. Mudasser Sheikh is charged with weapons dangerous, two counts of assault with a weapon and obstructing a peace officer.

4. I have been working with some of our South Asian associates to try and get the non-reported atrocities by muslims against Hindus to the wider world. Here is our first effort. Story at this link. Sadly, more to come.

5. Man who said that the bogus Mohamed Al Dura video was bogus, fined thousands of Euros for saying it was bogus in France even though everyone now knows it was bogus. So one is guilty of defamation now even when a court proves you right.

6. I only have two words for this video. ‘Force multipliers’.

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