Links and news for June 26 – 4

1. Australia: Western Sydney imam Afroz Ali says 100 extremists living in our suburbs     

2. Worthwhile article on fatwas concerning rape, (permissible) other kinds of rape and male-on-male sodomy, also permissible so long as you are planning to cram a ton of C4 up your arse.

3. Egypt’s president Mursi is trying to stop the army from taking action by claiming to deal with the sectarian Shiia Vs. Sunni violence that we reported on a few days ago here.

4. State mouthpiece for the UK, the BBC, purveyor of the national narrative of forced multicultural obedience and attacker of all people who may have a different opinion seems to have got this little video removed from YT based on a license violation. I will need to read through this material a bit more before I fully understand it, but I certainly understand the point of the video they had removed, which may be why it was removed. (Video now on Live Leak) Explanation here:

5. Cruel Britannia: Gates of Vienna on the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

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