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3 Replies to “Stakelbeck on Terror: Guy Rogers (Act for America) and Diana West”

  1. vlad..you are absolutely the best…
    i loved your co-hosting on edl radio, been on your web site everyday
    for 2 years & it just keeps getting better. you are all over the field
    making plays for all of us. you are an inspiration..

  2. The United Nations are based in New York and it’s about time that they were kicked off U.S. soil and along with them the monster OIC.
    There should be a new United Nations the UFN (United Free Nations) restricted to only a handful of countries such as U.S.A., Canada. UK, Israel, Switzerland, Australia and Japan (assuming of course, that we can still class these nations as being free).
    The OIC should be recognised as a pariah group and should be given no power over countries that are non-members.
    Also, in order for the UFN to have any power it should stop trading with Middle East oil nations such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. There is enough oil elsewhere and it is about time that we stopped relying on Arab and other Muslim supplies.

  3. Bob E: Thank you very much.

    S Bob: It is highly suspicious that the US executive branch has put the kibosh on all North American energy supplies both development such as the shale oil issue recently cancelled, and Canadian oil ready to use where Obama elected to refuse a pipeline right before the election and never restarted it.

    I begin to develop theories which seem out there even for me.

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