Traffic warden attacked outside Mansfield mosque

For those people unfamiliar with, or who may have laughed at the idea of a ‘parking jihad’ I reccomend that the story below be read through the lens of the Gavin Boby lecture in Melbourne last year or Ottawa this year.

It should now be clear why not only was the new mosque in Orleans Ottawa built without any parking facilities but none were desired. They want to begin the process of ethnic cleaning starting at mosques by forcing their vehicles on other peoples property to show primacy and begin the process of dropping property values etc.

H/T EDL Buck

A traffic warden was assaulted after he issued a ticket to an illegally parked vehicle in Mansfield .


The incident took place on Friday, 31st May outside the Jamee Masjid mosque on Goodacre Street.

A spokesman for Mansfield District Council confirmed that the attack had taken place, but the authority declined further comment.

Belinda Webb, spokesman for NSL, the company which provides the ticketing staff to the district council, said: “We’re not currently in a position to offer any comment whilst police investigations are underway.”

A mosque spokesman said that members are always encouraged to park legally.

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5 Replies to “Traffic warden attacked outside Mansfield mosque”

  1. Carpark jihad is far from unknown here in Oz. There’s a mosque about 10 min down the road from me where the approval of the permit was dependent upon traffic and the mosque visitors not cluttering up the road.

    Needless to say this was promptly ignored even though the developers agreed to keep parking under control. Anecdotally (because people are frightened to speak out lest they be called racist), the roads get taken over on fridays.

    There is also a mosque proposal in the Doveton area (in the vicinity of this other mosque, of course – why have one when you can have plenty?) and the locals are not happy. Parking has been cited as a potential hazard, and the developer seems to think that it won’t be a problem.

    Needless to say, nobody believes this.

  2. That would be a real shame if the good Muslims came out of their mosques and found their tires flat and their windows broken. I would never condone such racist chicanery!

  3. There’s been church’s, temples in Oz for years-no issues. Along comes a mosque. Councils wouldn’t dare hang out and book illegally parked cars coz the attendees will cry.

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