Links and news for June 20 2013 – 3

1. Anecdotal facebook post about a woman, who was left at a store by a Taxi in England after dark because she bought alcohol and refused to let her back in with it. Personally, I look for a cross hanging from the rear-view before I get in to a cab.

2. Smokin bikini protest in Turkey.

3. Nearly half of boys in the Jordanian capital believe in slaughtering women for reasons of ‘honour’

4. Paul Weston did a video using the rhetorical device of agreeing he is a racist while showing how utterly absurd and tactical those claims are. Below one iteration of the video at Youtube someone posted the following rather insightful comment:

calling someone racist is an extortion.
imagine someone approaching you on the street and saying ”lets make a deal. you keep your teeth and I keep your money” at this point you’d contact the police
and now look at what the corrupt mainstream media and and leftists are basically saying to the European people – ”lets make a deal. you keep your reputation,your job, your friends, and we keep the rights to destroy your country by making an invasion without a bullet being shot”.
it’s an extortion.

5. Indian court makes very odd decision concerning marriage and sex. I wonder if there isn’t some more compelling and rational reason to this or no.

6. Yet another British man told to remove National flag


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Thank you EDL Buck, Wrath of Khan, M et al

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3 Replies to “Links and news for June 20 2013 – 3”

  1. in the uk you have to have permission to fly the union flag , no permission required to fly the English cross of at George . (facts not opinions)

  2. #2 I hope she isn’t hurt by some fanatical Moslem.

    #3 I don’t know the reason but it will make some men thing twice about premarital sex.

  3. Well the reason for the court decision was to protect women and children:
    “…The verdict came in a spousal maintenance case where a lower court had ruled that a woman was not entitled to maintenance from the father of her two children as there was no proof of their marriage.

    Justice C.S. Karnan ruled that legal documents proving the couple’s life as spouses were more important than proof of marriage.

    In this case the man had signed the ‘live birth report’ for the couple’s second child and thereby officially declaring the woman as his wife.

    Judge Karnan said the couple ‘led their marital life under the same shelter and begot two children.

    ‘Therefore, the petitioner’s rank has been elevated as the “wife” of the respondent and likewise, the respondent’s rank has been elevated as the “husband” of the petitioner.‘

    The man was ordered to pay the woman 500 rupees a month in maintenance as well as maintenance for their two children.”

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