Links and news for June 20 2013 – 2

1. DuckDuckGo claims to be a search engine that does not track you. If it is true, its worth adding to firefox given that we now know that our governments are about as honest with us as Facebook etc. are. Meaning not at all. And for those of you who feel you have nothing to fear as you “do nothing wrong” remember that we have seen incontrovertible proof now that the US government has turned at least one all-powerful agency of state, the IRS, into an actual partizan actor fine tuned against people who hold opinions not in accordance with the president such as conservatives, pro-Israel people and those that believe in the US constitution and rule of law. And doing so is the very definition of an anti-democratic state. So whatever the government may think about your opinions from how they interpret your private web-history and email etc., even wrongly, could easily cost you everything.

2. More Catholics conned by ‘Multi-faith’. Cardinal meets with muslims in NYC. Story and video.

3. Thousands of Syrian Christians return to town they were forced to flee, after Assad’s forces retook it. What does this tell us about Obama and Cameron’s allies, Al-Qaeda? (Thanks DP111)

4. The offenders – described as one black male and one light-skinned Asian male, both aged about 15 – fled towards Sundon Park.

5. Even more UNICEF anti-Israel bias and propaganda 


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  1. Obama is showing his Moslem roots with his support of the MB in Syria, we really should stay out of th at figh, and if we are to take any refugees they should be the Christians.

  2. I attempted to read and received a message of Database error. These denial of service attacks make me want to read the blog more. What is more I screen print the stories for both the stories and some of the comments which can be real gems. I also screen print or otherwise save the articles that are linked.

    Once I get the stories organized into folders tagged etc, I am going confront some people with the truth. I’ll give the oinks and proper attribution.

    They can hack all they want. They are just going to piss people off.

  3. TURKEY – Taksim Square – Bikini protest :

    from RT youtube page :

    A young lady, Mine Dost, began dancing and rapping in her bikini in the middle of Taksim Square on Thursday. Dost is one of the protesters who has been standing in silence for the last four days, as part of a new wave of silent protests that have spread nationwide.

    Dost is a half German, half Turkish doctor who was chanting a rap song in the square that called 60 percent of Turkish people psychopaths. Other lines in her rap included, “First you should trust us and you have to pass this trust to your children.”

    In retaliation to the rappers lyrics a woman wearing a hijab addressed Dost and the crowd asking, “You call me conservative? I am not Kemalist, huh?? Shame on you… I am not a Kemalist because I’m wearing like this?”

    The performance received a mixed reaction, some supported Dost whilst others stood behind the woman in the hijab.

    The silent ‘standing man’ protests was inspired by Turkish artist Erdem Gunduz, who stood still for hours in one spot in an act of silent protest against the Turkish government, hundreds of other Turkish people have followed suit, including in Ankara, Antalya and Izmir.

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