Links and news for June 20 – 4

1. China jails 19 Uighurs (muslims who seem to be ethnically similar to Han Chinese) 

(Reuters) – Courts in China’s far western region of Xinjiang have sentenced 19 ethnic Uighurs to up to six years in jail for promoting racial hatred and religious extremism online, in the latest crackdown on what China sees as violent separatists.

All but one of those jailed were from the heavily Uighur southern part of Xinjiang, including eight from the old Silk Road city of Kashgar, the official Legal Daily reported on its website.

2. American convert to Islam arrested for threatening to kill his mother and her boyfriend for feeding him pork. 

3. Vimeo which has now deleted the Pat Condell video without a word of explanation Vimeo really needs to think about its strategy carefully. Today, it was Pat Condell who made an opinion video without swearing, violence or nudity and was factual and responsible. But once you fold like Vimeo did, you know it will not end there. As the 2 part excellent and important episode of Southpark called, ‘Cartoon Wars’ explains, once you show you can force them to your will, then you can force them right out of existence. Because every group with an axe to grind knows you cave to pressure. Vimeo will find its cowardice is its undoing. Not because of any threat by terrorists or ‘Anonymous’ or anything. But because their cowardice is so useful to anyone who may object to any content they may host. And for every opinion out there, you will find someone who doesn’t like it. Vimeo; you should be truly ashamed of yourselves. You deserve to be.


4.  This is an older story from December last year. But its good to keep handy to show to multiculturalists and people who think religious-outreach programs and so on are anything other than pure islamic supremacy.

Yule be sorry: Saudi police foil attempt to celebrate Christmas

Published time: December 28, 2012 08:05
Edited time: December 28, 2012 12:05

Reuters / Amr Dalsh

Reuters / Amr Dalsh

The religious police in Saudi Arabia have raided a house in the Al Jawf Province and arrested 41 people, who were “plotting to celebrate Christmas,” a police statement said.

­The police said that the detainees were Christian guests of an Asian diplomat, reports the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar.

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8 Replies to “Links and news for June 20 – 4”

  1. “Not because of any threat by terrorists or ‘Anonymous’ or anything. But because their cowardice is so useful to anyone who may object to any content they may host. And for every opinion out there, you will find someone who doesn’t like it.”

    Wish I could agree but Vimeo itself will be neither cowed nor harmed by this precedent any more than Youtube has been. They all have the correct enemies, as it were, and know hate when they see it. Thus the very things that a sane society would suppress won’t be, complaints or no, and every opposing thought will be censored. File this under “currently running Youtube jihadi videos.”

  2. A very left wing friend of mine recently mentioned that he had been watching videos by this English comedian called “Pat Condell”, and that he thought the guy was fantastic. I tried to hide my mirth. You are reaching people, Mr. Condell…

    The only thing that really, really matters is that Western nations act immediately to curtail immigration into their countries by mainstream Sunni and Shia Muslims. Taxes go up, Supreme Court Judges go down, presidents come and go, but a huge Muslim population is going to lead to the bloodiest civil war in the history of the human race and must not be allowed to happen, no matter how much the left wing seems to desire it…

  3. Celebrating Christmas is severe crime in Saudi Arabia. Let’s look at the facts:….

    Christmas in the west has long been accepted as a time of goodwill and peace to all men.

    Islam is acknowledged as “The Religion of Peace” but considers a time of goodwill and peace, i.e. Christmas, to be an anathema. There seems to be a dichotomy somewhere here. The Religion of Peace is totally against a time of peace?

    Either Islam is totally insane or I do not have the intellect necessary to understand it?

  4. Arthur L:

    The expression and idea that islam is a religion of peace comes from Syid Q’tub’s book, ‘Milestones’ where he explains that through jihad the world must be forced to accept islam as its one and only religion and all the world must be made to surrender to islam by force or however and then once the planet is all muslim, it shall know peace, hence, islam is the religion of peace.

    It is important to understand this bit of sophistry because they know full well that we think, when we hear that phrase, that islam is a peaceful religion. It is anything but.

  5. Thank you Eeyore for your explanation. Knowledge is power and now when confronted with the useful idiots I have another ‘left-jab’ with which to put them down!

    I have known for a good number of years that Islam is far removed from any peaceful intentions and used the term ironically.

  6. China knows how to deal with those psycholpathic Uighurs, tey are all related to the same sects as found just across the borders in Afghanistan and Paki land, and a danger to China. Great on, jail those suckers, and clamp down on the cultisits…..Bring in more Han Chinese immigrants from other provinces, encourage them to relocate as you have done in the past, but on a larger scale…
    Otherwise, this entire province will be as the dozen or so “stan’ countries all islamic when the Soviet Union broke up”’oh ya, I forgot, there is one lonely litttle cunt try in the bunch, that is mainly Christian, for now anyways…..
    So Bravo to the Chinese for arresting their islamic cultist pro terrorist Uighurs in Kashi, and other cities in Xinjiang province…. Bravo

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