Links and news for June 20 2013- 1

1. Interesting interview from Danish TV on the mission by all the foreign jihadis in Syria allegedly fighting a civil war to implement a sharia state as part of a caliphate.

2. US president Barack Obama goes to spot close to wear Reagan told a massive audience to “tear down that wall” and speaks to a small but polite audience from behind his own plastic one he appears to have brought himself.

In stark contrast to that of his presidential predecessors, Barack Obama’s message on Wednesday was pure mush, another clichéd “citizens of the world” polemic with little substance.


3. Pat Condell’s latest and excellent video has cost him his account at Vimeo and absurd warnings on Youtube as if it was a violent or pornographic video. We have finally reached the state of Orwelianism where the state feels the truth is what is dangerous and the distractions of sexually appealing material should be presented wherever and whenever possible. In a way, Im surprised it took this long. Here is the actual video if anyone has not already seen it. Check the links above for what each web-host did to him because of it.

4. Here is a startlingly frank piece on why men have opted not to get married in the Western world these days. Someone at the Huff Po, has actually decided not to go with the wildly inaccurate and also, not helpful crypto-explanation of men being unable to grow up and going with the facts, which are closer to, they would have to be crazy to do so. Below, the comment I attempted to post at the site and simply couldn’t get through the process.

At last. Someone actually bothered to look at the facts. I am a little shocked by this as typically, politically correct and gender feminist leaning publications, which is to say nearly all of them, want to blame a fault or failure in men for this. Of course while this always works, it does not assist in solving the problem but proving the point. The point which is, ‘Men do not marry because there is nothing in it for them’ even to the extent where they have to be a little crazy or a little stupid if they do.

And the way the laws work, a woman who has a husband with wealth or a good job is a little crazy or stupid if she stays with him as she can enjoy all that wealth and income with no strings if she just leaves him.

Another interesting study might be to discover if these principles apply only to traditional men from European and North American Western culture which has been targeted so well by the Marxist cultural narrative. I bet no muslims find themselves in courts in Canada or the US and find the same results non-Muslim indigenous (European) men do.

5. Interesting news report from Scandinavia of a hate crime against an actual indigenous woman there. This is a screen cap from Google Translate from this original site.


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  1. Pat Condell needs to appeal.One of the tricks of the cult is to get international members from web chat rooms to collectively use Youtubes complaints procedure to take a particular video/channels down.
    The Youtube “Bots” remove the video (depending on the number of complaints).If an appeal is launched a human being actually gets to check if the video is actually violent or abusive.So long as the Youtube appeal inspector is not a cult sympathizer or member the decision will be reversed.
    Best of all is to create many individual youtube video channels with no more than a few videos in each.Then if they are taken down just replace them on another channel in different order.
    Never build a massive channel as it is to much work to lose should it be targeted..

  2. #4 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve known marriages to go south as soon as the woman has a baby. And not from the fathers side – from the mothers. Once they have the baby and DNA proof of a father who can provide child and housing support women tend to start finding fault with everything.

    I myself had a female friend who really wanted to have a baby with me. When I brought up marriage it became immediately clear that what she really wanted was to have a child with my bank account.

    Long story short I dodged that bullet.

    Of course not all women are like that but more are then people would like to admit. It’s always described as individual stories.

  3. Moderate, well developed Jordan?

    Third of teens in Amman, Jordan, condone honor killings, study says
    “Almost half of boys and one in five girls in Jordan’s capital city, Amman, believe that killing a woman who has “dishonored,” or shamed, her family is justifiable, a study of teenagers’ attitudes published Thursday revealed. A third of all teenagers involved in the study by researchers at Britain’s Cambridge University advocated so-called honor murders…”

  4. Thousands of Christians return to Syrian town they were forced to flee

    Thousands of Syrian Christians who were driven out of their homes in al-Qusair last year have returned after government forces recaptured the town in a fierce battle against the rebels.

    Following al-Qusair’s occupation by opposition troops, Christians reported hearing last June from the minarets, “Christians must leave al-Qusair within six days”, prompting them to flee.

    They were among the first to return earlier this month after the Syrian government defeated the rebels following an intense three-week battle. Fighting had driven out most of the town’s 40,000 plus residents, of whom Christians comprise around ten per cent.

    They had fled to surrounding villages and the capital, Damascus. Returning to a scene of almost total destruction, many of them have lost everything; their homes and churches are severely damaged or in ruins. The authorities have vowed to rebuild the town and restore services.

    One church in the centre of al-Qusair had been defaced with anti-Christian graffiti, including chilling statements such as:

    The religion of our master will be victorious against all tyrants.

    This news was never on the MSM.. The fact speak for themselves. Assad is a far better then anything that the Jihadis the US and UK are supporting.

  5. Eeyore,

    I’m glad to see the comment section working again…

    About Putin’s remark, regarding the flesh-eating rebel, at least they didn’t hand him a medal;

    “In a December 1973 address to the National Assembly, Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass stated that he had awarded one soldier the Medal of the Republic for killing 28 Israeli prisoners with an axe, decapitating three of them and eating the flesh of one of his victims.[241]”

    — Official Gazette of Syria (11 July 1974 Issue)

  6. From MSM and feminist propaganda, one gets the impression that a majority of women are not keen on a life long marriage partner. Such a thing is not true. Besides it goes against the grain of women’ s nature. Feminists, are basically Marxists who happen to be female. Destroying the family, and hence the West, has always been the goal of all Marxists – male or female.

    The result of this propaganda is that the trust between men and women as partners, has been lost. They become suspicious of each others motives, which is never a basis for real partnership that lasts a lifetime. Such a partnership can never be substituted by one night stands. Besides, they will not last long, and one is left lonely and broken in the end.

    This is particularly true for men, but women suffer as well. The upshpot of this is that men, whi though not overtly religious, have taken to go to church just to acquire a marriage partner who will be loyal to them. Its not a moral thing to do, but there it is.

    Mark Richardson has been examining this issue for years

    Interesting site.

  7. A quick perusal through OZ conservative

    Why might the divorce rate have been significantly higher when wives earn 60% or more of the family income? There are no doubt various reasons, but some suggestions were made in research released in 2007. This research found that when women became the primary breadwinner husbands did less “emotion work” in the marriage, and that more traditional arrangements led to more “expressive” forms of marriage in general:

    women who are in marriages that are characterized by more traditional gender beliefs and practices are happier with the emotion work they receive and do receive more such emotion work from their husbands.

    …adherence to traditional beliefs and practices regarding gender seems to be tied not only to global marital happiness but also – surprisingly enough – to expressive patterns of marriage …

    Women are not fools. Quite the opposite, when it comes to long term choices. Women who prefer a traditional division of labour, are not only happy, but always have something to look forward to. They know the future is theirs, while the feminist DNA is doomed.

  8. Eeyore

    Blazingcatfur has a really gruesome video on a recent decapitation in Syria, performed as usual, without an anaesthetic. I have been debating whether to put a link or not as it is far too gruesome.

    I will leave the matter in your hands.

  9. re: unmarried western men.
    i wont get married because i don’t want children.
    who wants to knowingly sire factory/cannon fodder to keep other people rich.
    let them sacrifice their own offspring.

  10. I find the prospect of finding myself living in the back of a van, working overtime at the mill, and sending all my money to a woman who wants me dead and children who I can only see on supervised visits that I have to pay for, to be too horrifying for words. I would be tempted to head for Costa Rica and change my name to Horst Flugelheim.

    It’s beyond me how any modern young man would ever put his head in that lion’s mouth, and no surprise whatsoever that they frequently choose not to… Call me crazy, but I’ll bet the whole second wave feminist thing was one big KGB operation for the purpose of weakening the West by sabotaging the institution of marriage. Germaine Greer, for instance, calls herself a “Marxist-anarchist”.There was an actual Cold War, despite what the left-wing media tries to tell us…

  11. Vlad,mate
    NUmber 1
    the translasion is, well not the best it could have been mate. I lived in the UAE so I know a little bit of arabic, the translation is wrong, ask Shab

  12. I’m only gonna say this cause well, you will never get a truer word than from a junkie, (Two of my cousins were smack heads but they never lied to me), an islamic will and have no honour because of Taquiyaa

  13. The translation and titling of the Danish video was done by the Danish makers of the documentary. I think I posted a link to the whole thing but I may not have. I just posted an excerpt I grabbed from it. I have no idea if its accurate but I would guess that Danish TV would do at least a reasonable job although I can imagine them covering some things if it makes islam look too awful.

    Also Shabnam speaks Farsi. Not Arabic.

  14. Obama: “As I’ve said, Angela and I don’t exactly look like previous German and American leaders.”

    Look what Affirmative Action did.

    Deing Zedong: “As I said, I don’t look like previous German and American Leaders”

    Look what Communism will do.

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