Links and news for June 19 – 3

1. Check out this comment at Vlad and the links provided in it. (Thanks DP111)

2. OK. So the Taliban attack anything un-islamic. Like, schools for girls or, girls who decide who their own sex partners should be etc. And they do not attack things which are in accordance with islamic precepts. And I have never heard of an attack for the reasons which this stunning documentary details, which take place at Afghan army bases and police stations as a regular thing. They keep a stable of young children as sex slaves and shoot them to death in the back if they try and run away. (Yes I have posted this torrent link before but it needs to be seen by all who want to know what an Islamic future looks like. Remember, Afghanistan was a Buddhist/Jewish country once upon a time)

3. Here is what a British leftist book club meeting sounds like: (Thanks Golem Bar)

(Full video and transcript here)

4. For those of you who felt that the ROE for US troops in Afghanistan were absurd, reading terrorists and enemy soldiers miranda rights etc., then you probably shouldn’t read this.


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3 Replies to “Links and news for June 19 – 3”

  1. This is the end game of the multicult. Western people ignoring the menace of the multicult by bashing an ethnostate with an identity that they would deny their own homeland.

    These commenters would piss on the ordinary working class Briton if they were on fire. It also makes me wonder why Jewish people tend to vote Democratic in the US or Labour in the UK.
    These fellows are just useful idiots.

  2. These people actually believe in the multicult.
    Most minorities simply see such an ideology as exploitable weakness.
    They also want to see the Multicult applied to Israel. It’s quite laughable how they have bought the foolish ideology and internalized it.

  3. The US has been headed towards the New York action for decades, the left thinks the criminals are more important then the rest of us.

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