Links and news for June 19 2013 – 2 (read em quick while it’s up!)

1. New Iranian president tied to Argentina bombing of Jewish center.

2. Two accused of plot to kill muslims with X-ray weapon. Both men were in the KKK and wanted to kill “enemies of Israel”. I plan on 2 aspirins before I read the whole thing.

3. Saudi women activists get jail time for trying to help disabled woman trapped in her home. Mohamed would be proud indeed!

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7 Replies to “Links and news for June 19 2013 – 2 (read em quick while it’s up!)”

  1. Went to a synagog to get help with mass murder? Only a KKK tard would think he could get help for mass murder from jewish people.

    Does the KKK even exist anymore?

    I just wonder if CAIR will complain about the sting method used in this case or if they will call them terrorists? No I don’t wonder.

    We should keep track of their hypocracy on this and how various terrorist symps report on it.

  2. A “Hiroshima light switch” – dont know what to say… The KKK? Sounds almost too crazy to be true, doesnt it.

    But that idea – as if from “Star Trek” – maybe from that ingenious Latma video – The Three Terrors, where they sing: I hit the switch and you are gone!

  3. I have to tell you. This story sounds fishy. The KKK is as anti-semetic as the Muslims. Why would a KKK member help the Jews? Second a founder of the Tea Party is associated with the KKK? The masterbatory libs have been trying to make his linkage for years and have been unsuccesful because, there is no link. Third, the KKK was designated as a terrorist organization in 1867. It was outlawed pure and simple. Its original purpose was to prevent former slaves from voting for the Republican Party. In other words the members of the KKK were Democrats and Racists. Because the KKK was outlawed back in 1867 this putz was picked up by the FBI and charged with terrorism. Therefore there is now a LEGAL DESIGNATION that the KKK and the Tea Party was involved in terrorism.

    I have a question to the Black-American Audience here: When are you going to kick this Totalitarian Obama in the teeth?

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