Links and news June 18 2013 – 3

1. During the ‘Days of Rage’ riots in the Tard-world in and around 9/11 2012, one muslim cleric got carried away with that ol’time religion and burned a bible. He was sentenced recently to 11 years in jail and a fine. All of which was suspended on appeal. I am pretty sure I know how that appeal will go.

Video of the event was translated and uploaded for your viewing pleasure by the team at CFTCJ

2. Venezuela’s socialist party plans to ban baby bottles of all kinds and formulas except by prescription. Latin socialists and American ones would have quite the conflict over this I suspect.

3. Interesting and well done compilation video on Islam and immigration’s effects on England.

4. European Union challenges the OIC on press freedom. 

5. Are you listening? (H/T Val at Act for Canada)

Are you listening?

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  1. Banning Baby bottles?

    I suspect that even with oil revenue the countries budget and foreign currency reserves are not in good shape. And maybe the since the government cannot manage well it has to create yet another bogeyman to threaten the people with.

    I support breast feeding. But one does as many things as one can via persuasion and not force (force of law). And many times if a person is right but not persuasive the nonetheless have to walk away and leave others to their own devices. Otherwise a person squashes free will.

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