Links and news for June 17 2013 – 2

1. Remember, the Obama administration is actually funding and arming these people. (H/T Richard)

In remarks that underline how al-Qaeda now sees the Syrian conflict as its best political chance in years, Zawahiri warned rebel fighters not to do the West’s work by replacing President Assad with a moderate, democratic government.

Instead, he called for the creation of an Islamic caliphate that would then wage all-out war with neighbouring Israel.

2. Paul Weston on Real-Talk radio.

3. Aberdeen Taxis refusing guide dogs. (H/T EDL Buck)


4. And here is how the US plans to equip and support the people who will set up and anti-Western sharia state in Syria and attack-to-destroy Israel.

5. Another excellent Tommy Robinson interview. (Video of in-studio-radio)

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  1. I’m totally impressed with Tommy Robinson’s intelligence and his control. Every time he is interviewed he faces a solid wall of unrelenting prejudice, and yet he never quite loses his temper. I’m afraid I’d be telling them all to fuck off by the ten-minute point. I’ll bet there are at least a few viewers who can see what an underdog he is and how unjustly the system is treating him.

    I don’t think prospective employees can get past the vetting process at any mainstream media outlet without first proving that they are gutless unprincipled yes-man with IQs of no more than 60.

  2. We in the west are going to pay a very heavy price for the actions of the leftist in our midst, we are arming our enemies and disarming and destroying our military forces.

  3. Obama chooses lawyer to oversee Guantanamo closure</b<

    Clifford Sloan is the pick to reopen the State Department's Office of Guantanamo Closure, shuttered since January and folded into the department's legal adviser's office when the administration, in the face of congressional obstacles, effectively gave up its attempt to close the prison.

    A formal announcement of Sloan's appointment was expected Monday, according to officials briefed on the matter.

    […]he has been an informal adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry, who recommended him for the post, the officials said.

    "I appreciate his willingness to take on this challenge," Kerry said in a statement. "Cliff and I share the president's conviction that Guantanamo's continued operation isn't in our security interests."

    Word of the Sloan's appointment comes follows the House's overwhelming passage Friday of a $638 billion defense bill that would block Obama from closing the detention facility. The House acted despite a White House veto threat.

    Obama is pushing to transfer 86 approved detainees to their home countries. Fifty-six of the 86 are from Yemen.

  4. I admire Tommy’s courage and tenacity but I have to criticise him on labelling what are mostly British Pakistani Muslims as English. I am an ethnic Brit myself and out of respect to the indigenous English (or Scottish and Welsh for that matter) I avoid calling myself English because all people have the right to their own identity.

  5. The U.S. started policing the world in 1991. The Soviet Union iteration of the Russian empire had becpme newly defunct. We defeated a very large 2nd line military power that had illegally invaded Kuwait.

    There was a drought in the Horn of Africa and so the United Nations in one of the few things they almost do well provided relief aid to prevent a famine. But the Habr Gidr clan in Somalia decided to use food as a weapon, so they hijacked the UN food aid. The Haqbr Gidrs decided that since they most powerful clan and they had taken the lead in overthrowing Said Barre the Russian loving Somalia socialist dictator that they should automatically be in the driver’s seat. So they were willing to commit genocide via starvation until the other clans submitted. So the we sent the Marines. The UN sent some other blue hats. Long story short if someone used force to take something from you, you usually have to use force to get it back. Yes, dear liberals that is the way of the world.

    So we sent soldiers after the Habr Gidr clan so they would cease and desists with their submission or genocide by starvation plan. We got Black Hawk Down. Liberals being notorious slow learners, if they learn very much at all, decided it would be nice if we invited Somalis to the U.S.

    So the Somalis came to Minneapolis and Atlanta. Well the very black Somalis from Africa did not get along with residents of Atlanta, so they moved to New England.

    And what about the ones in Minneapolis? Well they diced that taxi passengers could not bring their duty free alcohol from the airport. No could some who had a few too many drinks call a cab instead of drinking and driving. Further they also decided that guide dogs were strictly Verbotten as well. Achtung! As a finale we got radical Imans that attempt to probe HOW MUCH CRAP THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH AT AIRPORTS AND ON AIRPLANES

    We would never have gotten this crap except for stupid dumb a$$ liberals in general and dumba$ liberal Christian in Minnesota in particular.

  6. First they jailed him, now they trie to seperate him from the EDL members by saying he may be a decent man but those angry young men he leads are a danger to community harmony.

    Funny, muslim rage and bloody murder is always seen as a helpless reaction to unjustice and a request to please them further. Not so much if white man and women take the streets in their own land to protest egainst their extinction.

    He is brilliant and wise beyond his age.What they do not understand is, that he lives the life of the working class wich is betrayed every day .He feels the humilation and destruction of his country ‘s, history, culture ,and the people he loves.

    Those are feelings, the elite despises. There is no way to talk this away.

  7. TURKEY – Istanbul – Taksim Square – The silent protesters were arrested

    Turkish protester’s civil disobedience act in Taksim ends in custody

    The young man started standing after police conducted a bag search. He then stood in the same place without moving, staring at the flag of modern Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, which is hung on the Atatürk Culture Center (AKM), a scene of the struggle between police and protesters over the last three weeks.

    He was soon joined by a group of fellow demonstrators, who all came to stand in silence beside him, staring in the same direction.

    News of the “standing man” began spreading on social media shortly after the act of defiance began, and the Twitter hashtag #duranadam (“standing man”) quickly became the world’s top Twitter trending topic.

    An actress, Ruken Demirer, said the “standing man” is her house mate and his act of civil disobedience will continue for a month.

    However, Turkish police at the scene reportedly called on the crowd to disperse from the square, ominously echoing warnings that preceded harsh interventions in demonstrations in the square recently. They then intervened to detain the group that had gathered.

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