Erdogan calls Christian Byzantium “a dark chapter” in history

Remember. Byzantium was actually built by the Byzantines. The main city, and a massive concentration of logic, reason and a repository of all classical thought was the city of Constantinople, named after the first Christian Emperor of Rome. So what Erdogan says would be laughable if it wasn’t so pernicious. Wars have been fought over less and sometimes even should have been. Also that Constantinople became Istanbul because of a  siege and consequent series of actions that would be called a ‘War-Crime’ by any standard except Islamic.


Istanbul, May 30, 2013

The prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the time of Christian emperors in Byzantium “a dark chapter” in history. In Erdogan’s view, in the fifteenth century, after invasion of Constantinople by Muslims, began “the time of enlightenment,” reports

The speech of the conservative Turkish prime minister was made during the laying of the foundation of the new road bridge over the Bosphorus in Istanbul that took place on May 29–the anniversary of Ottoman invasion of the Byzantine empire 1453.

“We are continuing to write the history today,” said Erdogan during the ceremony.

The Turkish authorities have celebrated the anniversary of the victory over Byzantium by a series of festivities.

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20 Replies to “Erdogan calls Christian Byzantium “a dark chapter” in history”

  1. Just like the city of Leningrad, Istanbul will one day revert back to one of its older names, either Constantinople or Byzantium. Erdogan is deluded. The darkest chapter in history is the history of Islam.

  2. The Renaissance in Italy was kick started by fleeing Byzantines who saw the proverbial writing on the wall and relocated in Italy. Mehmet’s sacking of Mikkelgard was calamity.

  3. He’s green with envy. Muslim nations still haven’t caught up to the sophistication of medieval Christian kingdoms. Islam’s only brief “golden age” was from stolen Western technology and the knowledge of Christian slaves. Once the slaves died the golden age ended, and Islam hasn’t contributed anything of value to the world since. Islam is in fact a mental illness.

  4. Yes he is insane, but he is also very dangerous. People who think like him are always dangerous\

    It would be nice if the Turks were removed from Turkey and the Greeks were allowed to return to .what use to be their territory.

  5. Softly Bob

    I hope and pray that you are right. Orthodox Christians have never forgotten Constantinople, and chief among them is Russia.

    Once Turkey is out of NATO or the US decides that it does not want to shoulder 80% of the cost, I see some problems for the current occupiers of Byzantium.

  6. Islam is in fact a mental illness.

    I cant make up my mind if it is a mental illness or that Mohammed was duped by Satan into thinking that the Koran was the word of God.

  7. Might it have been better to allow the Russians to have blasted into Constantinople in ww1 or the cold war? Just a thought.

  8. Micro satellites.

    That is the answer

    Micro satellites

    Scratch a Greek and find a Turk

    scratch a turk and find a greek

    Their blood is mixed.

    The Ottomans would not have gown as fast or as big with out the infusion of Greek blood and know how. How many steppe tribes were able to conquer but disappeared in a short amount of time?

    Enough people take a DNA test to see their ancestry and maybe they will come to appreciate all their ancestors. Every last ancestor is by definition a survivor. Otherwise you would not be here.

    Louis Gates jr need to do a Turkish edition similar to African American Lives

    Gates was the host and co-producer of African American Lives (2006) and African American Lives 2 (2008). – wiki

    Many Turks are very racist. Thus they explain that Kurds are not Kurds who have lived where they have lived since the start of the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago, but instead the are “Mountain turks.” That is how racist they are. That is how racist Erdogan is. Thus he is dangerous.

    I believe that a nation to be efficient and cohesive needs a national language. In Turkey that would be obviously Turkish. I get that. In America it should be English. But outside of work and government, you should be able to speak whatever you what to speak. But the Turkish governments like many other governments prohibit the teaching of languages of minorities. That is how racist they are.

  9. Not the Cold War, communism is as bad as Islam, in the 20th Century the communists in various nations murdered over 100 million people.

  10. Islam is worse than communism in the respect of its longevity. Communism power dwindled in less than a century. 1400 years later Islam colonized 57 countries and has a billion deluded followers. A political religion like Islam because it cloaks its self in religion is more difficult than Communism to enlighten people about.

    • Communism is alive and well across the world, the thing is – to make people think they are not living it! That to restrict free speech was their own idea.

      Allahism is another self-hypnosis by intimidation deployed to make you not think you are living Mohammadism, when everyone can see it is the little-Mohammads like little-Hitlers and not Allah doing all the killings, rapes, and torture.

  11. True, but it is hard to enlighten many people about communism, the left has so vilified the anti-communist that many people believe that communism was never a threat. During the Cold War the information deprived voters treated the anti-communists the same way they are treating the anti-jihadists.

  12. John says: Might it have been better to allow the Russians to have blasted into Constantinople in ww1 or the cold war? Just a thought.

    In retrospect yes. I think it was Britain that stopped Russia from doing so. The UK, quite rightly in my view, saw Turkey as sick man, and no threat to British interests of the Royal nay in the Med. Rusiia though did pose a real threat.

    Times change, and they will change again. Islam is dying before our eyes. All Muslim nations are under the Western cosh. They cant even protest too loudly about the drones flying overhead. Ordinary Muslims see that, and must think what happened to allah’s promise.

  13. DP you are reading things differently them most people but you are correct in many ways, if they don’t take Europe Islam is indeed dead. They will kill a lot of people and damage civilization before they die but they are dead.

    The problem is that the fighting that will end Islam will probably last the rest of this century.

  14. DP111: If you are familiar with the concept of The Satanic Verses of the koran you would likely have to go with B. Additional ‘proof’ for that hypothesis is that no one asks the obvious question, that if mohamed could be fooled by Satan into writing verses thinking they were from God then how can anyone know that they in fact where not the only true verses and the rest of the koran actually is from Satan?

    Salmon Rushdie I believe asked this question and it started quite the kerfuffle.

  15. Eeyore & DP111

    Mohammed was duped by Satan, and received revelations from him, but he probably made up a few verses himself to satisfy his own sick, twisted mind and his own desires. Satan didn’t care. He lets his stooges take what they want for themselves if it keeps them compliant.
    Mohammed was a highly disturbed character who by his own greed and perverse nature allowed himself to be possessed. The Koran is half-revelation, half-invention. I suspect that when Mohammed became comfortable with his demon, he would fake a revelation or too to suit his own agenda.
    It’s what the concept of ‘selling your soul’ is all about – do the Devil’s bidding and you’re empowered to lie, cheat and take whatever else you want for yourself!

  16. One day, as per prophecy – the Constantinopole will be regained by Christians. It is said that the Marble King (Constantine XI Palaiologos) will appear at the time, and the Priests who were celebrating the Holy Liturgy on May the 29th 1453 will come out of Sain Sophia walls and continue the Liturgy from the moment it was interrupted. Mehmed II had also nightmares during his time(remember Vlad – The Impaler). Unfortunately once the Constantinopole will get back to christians – we will be close to the End of Ages (Apocalypse). Ottoman wise men from old times know about the Constantinopole prophecy.

  17. And yet a great movie has never been made about this fascinating empire, since the media is obsessed with the Roman Catholic Church, and we apparently do not exist, especially to the Americans, who ask you if you are Catholic or Protestant. By the way, it saddens me that my fellow Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers, like Georgia, are strengthening ties with these pond scum! His will just help Is
    Am become stronger. Very bad move indeed! All the Turks want to do is kill us! Especially imbeciles like Erdogan and his stupid, ugly, covered wife that wants to pray in the Hagia Sophia, which is meant to be an Eastern Orthodox Church. That’s what it was built as 3 times, after all! But no, the Turks ignore the fact that Turkey was ever majority Eastern Orthodox and that it was the site where many Saints came from, like Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, Theodore the Studite, Nicholas of Myra, brothers and Saints Constantine and Cyril, Apostles to the Slavs, etc. Also, all seven Ecumenical Councils were held in Turkey, which was Eastern Roman Anatolia in the Byzantine Era. And they celebrate May the 29th with great pomp and ceremony, as if it were a good thing! Of course, they completely disregard the small Christian community’s feelings on this matter, since we are apparently second class citizens with no say in anything. And stupid, liberal, anti-Christian Wikipedia that the Sultans were kind, and let us keep most our churches, when, if you look at the list of Byzantine churches in Turkey (on Wikipedia, by the way), most of them were turned into mosques! And Wikipedia reverted my comments and gave me a warning! It is a common fallacy and lie propagated by those liberalist pig historians. Most historians seem to be liberalists, unfortunately. Have any of you guys had these problems with Wikipedia?

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