A fascinating and classic response to the arguments that Tommy Robinson made when he was set up on BBC a couple of nights ago.

Listen to the dizzying intellect of Mr. Robinson’s detractors. One begins to really understand Islam when you get a chance to actually hear a classic muslim respond so articulately to the arguments that tommy made.

I for one am grateful to be able to set aside many of the thoughts I have about islam and its followers and realize that there really is another side.

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11 Replies to “A fascinating and classic response to the arguments that Tommy Robinson made when he was set up on BBC a couple of nights ago.”

  1. I do believe that young fellow is the result of centuries of cousins marrying cousins. What a dim light he has inside his head. There will be no reasoning with such creatures…

  2. I’m getting angry watching this Muslim retard, in fact I’m so angry that I want to smash his face in.
    However, I have to realise that this is how brainwashed, foul-mouthed retards talk, and my anger is irrelevant.
    Thanks for showing this video. It is a great example of what we should expect to endure, if and when Muslim idiots ever take over and rule our society. There is something about this chump that reminds me both of Tourette’s syndrome and multi-generational inbreeding.
    This is the Devil himself speaking – a repetitive, inarticulate moron, droning on (without any back-up facts) about what he thinks of Tommy and the EDL.
    It’s time to round up the Muslims, and time to deal with them. This mental illness has gone on far too long. Muslims are not just terrorists, they are psychiatric patients as well – patients of the most serious brain disease on the Planet. This is not a joke. This is serious. We have to fight this Satanism. It’s a cult on steroids.
    I can see the Devil in this man, and it scares the shit out of me. It’s no longer time for negotiation. We have to fight. It’s now an all-out war!

  3. One brain cell…(ooop’s did i say BRAIN just now)..and thats the one that allows him movement.

  4. This video will tell anyone with a working brain what our enemy is like, unfortunately most people don’t have working brains.

  5. Pretty interesting to think that Muslim chavs can actually speak with northeastern English accents and don hoodies’ and gangsta clothes, all the time. Wait till they get acquainted with the local Mutaween Sharia enforcer. The fun will be over then. No Western influences and no fun allowed. Wear a beard and a pyjama instead. And speak Arabic.

  6. It’s taken centuries of in-breeding and Muslim indoctrination for these morons to reach this stage in their evolution.

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