Links and news for June 14 2013 – 3

1. This article detailing what some Russian politicians have to say about US involvement in Libya probably contains enough truth to be worth reading. I think the Russians actually moved Saddam’s WMD’s out of Iraq and to Syria so they are not quite truthful about that. But a lot of the other stuff is consistent with observation.

2. Efforts underway to discredit the whistleblower on the NSA materials. Now the thing of it is, if China was running an agent in this manner they should have used a Chinese person working for the NSA to come out with the info. Then the Democrats would be too afraid of being called racists to question his motives!

3. How can Syria be a “civil war” when all the opponents fighting Assad are from somewhere else?

4. More hilarity on the Major Hassan trial as all parties try and find a way to spin or otherwise sequester the actual facts and truth of this mans actions at Fort Hood. This man actually wants to argue that he was an enemy soldier fighting for the other side. And our courts have refused it as a defense.

5.  Tommy Robinson did another call in radio show on BBC this morning. I haven’t heard it yet but I am told he was, as usual, excellent. He is on for the first hour.

6. I saw a garbage truck this morning and it had a message on the side of it that I thought was particularly funny. So I ‘photoshopped’ something on it that probably puts some truth back into the claim.

Rat on Garbage truck

7. Rand Paul dares speak the unspeakable. How islam and leftists are waging a genocidal war on Christians in many parts of the world.

8. An update on the Somali mosque in England which was burned down and someone vaguely remembered seeing the letters, ‘EDL’ on one of the walls before it collapsed. Like 23 muslim buildings in Luton burned and blamed on the EDL, this one looks more and more like an insurance job to modernize. And the disgusting thing? Instead of going to jail it looks like the town council will pay to have it rebuilt as if somehow it had been arson and by everyone else in the community. MAFIA take note. Now the government rewards you for your crimes. Don’t settle for anything less.

9. The cost of dealing with Abu Qatada starts to go from unacceptable to obscene.  


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  1. Just saw this on a vice show about the reason for the Turkish protests. Dunno if it was known before but I don’t recall reading it.

    It was NEVER about heavy handed city planning even when it was just about a park.

    The park itself has always been a symbol of secular civil society since the 60’s and a place where people could openly hold protests.

    That’s why Erdogan and his cronies want to destroy it. And it’s why so many people went berzerk over one single park.

    That’s why they think of destroying the park as an act of tyranny – because it literally is an attempt to destroy a symbol of democracy.

    It’s on the vice youtube channel – wont post a link as the statement comes 14:25 minutes in.

  2. And as far as the whistleblower is concearned. Whistleblower my ass. He’s a spy. Either a mole from day one or he was recruited*. He didn’t do it for al quada though, most likely Russia, Iran or China.

    There’s been a pattern of attacks on US intelligence and diplomatic apparatus that seems to have the goal of causing distrust between components and a goal of making people not want to cooperate with the US for fear of being exposed.

    Wikileaks leakes all that state department stuff. Someone exposed clients names of Stratfor and now there’s this telling everyone that the NSA has a relationship with various communications companies.

    *Did you see the pics of his girlfriend? How on earth would a wierd litte dork like him get such a fox? That does NOT compute.

  3. Whatever reasons one may attribute to Snowden – whistleblower, genuine patriot who is defending the constitution or traitor, what is totally unacceptable is that America is spying on everyone, within and without the USA. This is specially so as America claims that it is the guardian of civil liberty.

  4. DP111 that’s actually quite interesting conundrum.

    Does Guardian of Civil Liberty mean you can’t snoop on people? Is defending people’s right to say what they wish the same as not snooping on how they excercise that right?

    One could say that inhibiting people’s freedom of expression or other freedoms is to impinge upon civil liberty. But is snooping the same as inhibiting of a citizens rights?

    is privacy a constitutional right?

    Hm. Funnily enough that turns out to be a thorny issue. I just googled “is privacy a constitutional right” to find out just how badly I might be talking out my rear. It turns out not much. The interpretations of the right to privacy as expressly granted via the constitution has long been a controversial issue.

    Also it’s my understanding by “spying on all of us” what is really meant is that they spy on forigners using american communications systems.

    The argument given in an article on this is “if two people from out of the country communicate with each other on a server in America – the only thing American about the conversation is the server”

    Also in order to get the information the NSA has to take a phone number and see what numbers that number called (that’s all the info gleaned form this). Man power alone (to make the request- type in the numbers and analyse the results) means they can’t actually spy on very many people with this method. I seriously doubt an investigation of me using this method would be a fiscally responsable use of man hours (and extremely boring).

  5. Whoops. I mixed up Blarney and Prism. Blarney is just logging what number calls which. Prism is a more precise observation. Some governement folks have been defending Prism by describing Blarney instead thereby creating confusion.

    “We have seen a strategic and deliberate doublespeak in which defense of the NSA’s activity attempts to reassure the public by describing the limitations of BLARNEY, when that is an entirely separate system from PRISM.”

    Blarney is what the NYTimes broke a story about a few years ago. But that’s what some government folks are talking about when they claim to be talking about PRISM. But both are used together. I think I just fell for that.

    PRISM investigates content but only of foreign terrorists and their associates. That can include americans if the terrorist communicates with them. I sure as shinola hope that doesn’t include the sorts of youtube comments brawling I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in. I’m sure some of those derps were connected to terror.

    (But now that I think about it, I hope those NSA folks did read some of what I’ve said. It might knock some sense into them.)

  6. If Snowden is just a whistle-blower he is doing as much harm as good, having said that he has spilled the beans on a massive over reach of power by the current administration, an over reach that has harmed freedom in the US.

    One reason he has made the news about our people hacking Chinese sites may be him telling the government to back off because he has much worse things he can spill.

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