EDL plan emergency demo this Saturday

Once again the media is doing its level best to distort facts and undermine the safety of the British people as the full force of the islamic invasion of England becomes more and more difficult to hide.  You tube even pulled the video of the attack, which is quite unusual for them. Last weekend, several British children were savagely assaulted by a gang of ‘Asians’ at a bus stop and despite lots of eye witness accounts, a video and more, the media continues to try and make it look like either nothing happened or that it was somehow the fault of the ‘racist’ british pre-teens for provoking it.

Geoff, from the EDL Blog Talk Radio program asked me to publish this for anyone able to go to the demo this Saturday:

 The demo is going to be at Ashton Under Lyne This Saturday in response to these young girls being attacked by muslim youths

(Time to be confirmed right before the demo)

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  1. No surprise here, the lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam in the political class and the leftist MSM will try to keep the truth from coming out, As usual they will face the growing menace with pandering, bribery, and more butt kissing.

  2. So… Dozens of terrorist plots they say? That is interesting… Jihad, Islam, Islamism, ect. not mentioned at all. And if this stream of plots actually exists, do we really need this kind of massively overpriced social experiment? Or should we rather embrace some simpler, more transparent and much more focused approach…

    NSA chief says data disrupted ‘dozens’ of plots
    “The US electronic spying chief has said massive surveillance programmes newly revealed by an ex-intelligence worker had disrupted dozens of terror plots…”

  3. I wonder if the Commentator’s Ghufar Hassain would be a bit more concerned if this were White European Christian teenage boys assaulting a group of Asian Muslim early teen girls.

    Think there might be a bit more coverage from the media? Perhaps a gaggle of Muslim and women’s identity politics Leftwing organizations speaking all over the media?

    Nobody is gonna stand up for your rights and well being, unless you do it yourselves. March on Ashton Under Lyne.

  4. One day, the spineless little weasels that run the MSM will pay a heavy price for what they are doing. If they can’t even truthfully report what is happening in Ashton, then they deserve to be completely devoured by the Islamic menace that is about to become a very real threat to all of Britain.
    I for one, will not shed a single tear when these smug, self-preserving little turds receive the big fat shock that is due to them. Britain will very soon be entering civil war against Musloid zombies and all the do-gooders, enablers, and other PC useful idiots will not know what has hit them!

  5. But remember Softly, we’ve had to rescue Europe before, they’re surely call on us again. We’ll have no choice, & they know it. While they’re diving into the abyss, some repressed memory assures them of their Yankee parachute.

  6. Bains – Note the following posted in the lower right hand column at the link you provided:


    A young Fire Cadet was attacked last week on chamber road Werneth in Oldham,The lad was in full uniform and working to install fire alarms.
    Two cars of muslims pulled up and proceeded to beat him senseless…

    First of all why has this not been in the Oldham chron ?
    Secondly why are the police hiding it.theres been nothing on the GMP web site

    anybody fancy doing a freedom of information request to Greater Manchester Police ???

  7. The US needs a free and independent Europe as much as Europe needs a free and independent US, which ever continent manages to save itself first needs to help free the other. Freedom can’t survive in just one nation it needs many.

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