Links and news for June 12 2013 – 1

1. “We have intentionally blown the biggest bond bubble in history”

2. UN Watch Confronts Richard Falk. Story here

3. There seems to have already been a demo as a response to the attack on the pre-teens in the UK last weekend. Pictures here.

4. Egyptards blame Jews for their own destruction of churches etc. Yes thats right. In a TV sketch, Egyptian muslims try to make the claim that damage done to churches by muslims and claims of damage to mosques as if it really happened are all done by Jews.

If you think the story above requires the makers to be brain damaged, well have a look at the foreheads of the leaders of Egypt. The guys who just got 1.3 Billion US$ even after having claimed for the record that the US is their enemy. Notice that most of them have serious concussion bruises on their heads near the frontal lobe. This can explain a lot more than just having the nickname of, ‘The spotted Tard’. Here is Walid Shoebat’s explanation of this clip.

5. NSA admits this much. So we know its about 25X this much that they actually do.


6. Lebanese Hizb’allah’ SOB pleads not guilty to bombing plot in Bangkok

7. Check this session out at the Swedish Parliament. This is how denial is done at the professional level.

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  1. Presentation Prof. Murray Salby in Hamburg on 18 April 2013
    Relationship between Greenhouse Gases and Global Temperature

    For those more technically inclined – here is a quite interesting presentation by Professor Murray Salby. I dont want to put out too many spoilers, however, it looks like “the one percent” is about to get a new meaning.

    Professor Murry Salby (University Homepage)
    Professor Murry Salby – Research

    This guy looks very legit to me. Comparing him to some dubious tools like Mr G would constitute a crime…

  2. regarding the demo mentioned in number 3 . . .the following was posted in the lower right hand column –


    A young Fire Cadet was attacked last week on chamber road Werneth in Oldham,The lad was in full uniform and working to install fire alarms.
    Two cars of muslims pulled up and proceeded to beat him senseless…

    First of all why has this not been in the Oldham chron ?
    Secondly why are the police hiding it.theres been nothing on the GMP web site

    anybody fancy doing a freedom of information request to Greater Manchester Police ???

  3. I would hazard a guess that if the UK government manage to find a way to keep this sort of thing out of the papers they have a work around for the access to info such as, ‘…except where the information may be a threat to community cohesion’ as that seems to be how they manage to escape any notion of democracy so far.

  4. Muslim woman charged with smuggling thousands of dollars in bra at U.S.-CDN border

    A woman believed to be from the Windsor area is in jail in Michigan for allegedly trying to smuggle tens of thousands 0f dollars across the border by padding her bra with cash.

    Moura El-Asmar, 51, will have a bail hearing in Detroit today. She was arrested on the American side of the Windsor-Detroit tunnel Sunday after she and her 16-year-old daughter, Jacinta, were patted down during secondary inspection.

    Both were found to have cash totaling $59,000 sewn into the linings of their bras.

    The mother and daughter had a travel itinerary that showed they were catching a flight to Lebanon later that day to visit relatives.

    According to documents filed in U.S. District Court, Moura El-Asma told border officers she was carrying $3,300. When her purse was searched in secondary inspection, officers found more than $15,000.

    Moura El-Asmar allegedly told the officers she hadn’t counted the money and didn’t realize she had so much.

    The total amount was nearly $73,000.

    An officer patted her down and noticed what was described as a “bulky mass” on her bra. She was searched and was found to have four bags sewn into her bra. Three bags contained $10,000 each and the fourth had $9,000.

    The daughter was searched and was found to be carrying $20,000 in two bags sewn into her bra.

    Moura El-Asmar admitted to officers she had sewn the money into the bras, according to the court document. Her daughter said her mother had asked her to wear the cash-laden bra, but she had no idea how much money was in it.

    Moura El-Asmar allegedly told the border officers she didn’t want to declare the money because she didn’t want her driver – her boyfriend Michel Barnaba – to know that she had so much money.

    Moura El-Asmar allegedly told the border officers she collects a disability pension and has a paper route. Her daughter babysits and another daughter works at a travel agency.

    Border officers say they ran a criminal background check on Moura El-Asmar and found she has been convicted in Canada twice for theft under $1,000, in 1992 and 1993. The convictions would prevent her from entering the United States.

    She is charged with four offences related to her border stop Sunday.

    Besides the crime of lying to border officials, it’s against the law to bring more than $10,000 into the United States without filing a report.

    Moura El-Asmar and her daughter are Canadian citizens believed to reside in the Windsor area, said Gina Balaya, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The daughter was released, but Moura El Asmar is in the custody of U.S. Marshals at an undisclosed detention facility.

    The driver and another man in the car were also released.

  5. On number 5, yes they do have access to the contents of the calls, they may not listen to them but they have access.

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