New Report Highlights Secretive EU Funding of Anti-Israel NGOs

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Israel National News:

n new report presented to European Parliament, NGO Monitor highlights secretive EU funding of radical political advocacy NGOs.

By Rina Tzvi
First Publish: 6/9/2013, 1:40 PM

Arab demonstration
Arab demonstration

In a new report presented to members of the European Parliament, NGO Monitor details the damaging impact of highly secretive European Union funding for radical political advocacy Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

According to the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, EU funds are going to organizations involved in anti-Israel boycotts and violent demonstrations, which undermine the EU’s efforts to secure peace in the Middle East.

The report, Lack of Due Diligence and Transparency in European Union Funding for Radical NGOs, shows how EU-funded NGOs lead the campaigns to demonize Israel through the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) – actions that entirely contradict the EU’s proclaimed objectives of supporting peace and democratic development.

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5 Replies to “New Report Highlights Secretive EU Funding of Anti-Israel NGOs”

  1. As I have previously stated there is a deep strain of antisemitism that runs through all European cultures, if is once again becoming politically correct to be antisemitic.

  2. According to FrontpageMag, Islam has taken control of the French ( and perhaps British, German, Austrian, Italian,,, ) prison system. Non muslims are not treated well. Am I supposed to feel bad what these Jew haters have brought on themselves? Go for it muzzies

  3. Big surprise
    This is what the entire G8 now G20 concepts have been leading toward

    Removal of national democracies

    EU the first real example of this bullshit where people who have nothing to do with the individual countries ar making all the decisions regarding what happens in those countries

    We are already subjected to some of this nonsense through mandates by the UN regarding many of our legislated policies….who we take in as immigrants and refugees

    Trade and economics, of which i know nothing, is subjected to many of these upper level decisions made through interglobal consultations, and corporate influences,

    and legislation then follows, that we the people of each nation are basically in ignorance of, and

    the responsibility of our politicians is to provide us with all the relevant information on these decisions, and the implications thereof,

    That would be transparent functioning of any idealistic democractic principals

    I wonder where we stand in relation to being a soverign nation?

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