The scale of riots against the Turkish government is really quite surprising.

I have to say, my first instincts about what is taking place in Turkey was dead wrong. While this may have started by a classic ‘Occupy’ group protesting some rational construction project, it has become the collective frustration of a huge percentage of the Turkish population. I would be reluctant to guess where it goes though. Regional events that are similar have not given great results so far.

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  1. That crowd is huge! No way is it really about trees or ham fisted city planning. This is about the islamists. Cool!

  2. In the final analysis, they’re all Muslims and Islamic supremacists.

    If they rally against Erdogan they probably don’t want him to become more of a dictator, but that doesn’t mean they are protesting against Islam, jiziya, dhimmitude and Islamic supremacy.

  3. it would be nice if they were rioting against turkey’s denial of the armenian holocaust or tayyip’s rabid anti-semitism .

  4. I’m going to have to agree with Sheik Yer’Mami. These are the same people who deny the Armenian Holocaust and go to Europe and demand that Turks don’t integrate and set up separate communities in European cities.While I would support the protesters against Erdogan the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

  5. I am another one who is taking the pessimistic view that this is about stopping Androgen and not a protest of the Islamists attacks on the rest of the world. What is needed is another Ataturk in the military.

  6. Turkish police detain 3 for blast bomb plot in Izmir

    Three people were caught in possession of blast bombs purportedly to be used in anti-government protests.

    Police in Turkey’s western port city of Izmir detained three people for allegedly plotting to set off blast bombs in anti-government demonstrations that started last week by a group of protesters against a development project at Istanbul’s popular Taksim Square and spread nationwide.

    Police impounded eight such devices and materials for making the explosives, authorities said.

    The protests which started in reaction to a construction project in Taksim, Istanbul turned into nation-wide demonstrations against the AK Party Government on June 1 and 2.

  7. What you”re seeing here is nothing like what happened in Egypt or Libya, where pro-democracy advocates tried to overthrow dictators, but ended up with Islamists. Here the protests are aiming to put a stop to an Islamist state in-the-making, if Erdogan, who is already in power, has his way. Turkey is known for being a secular democracy, although the burden of Islam makes the society far from free. But at least it was heading in the right direction—until Erdogan was elected in 2002. Those you see here are most likely the young who’ve learned lots about freedom from the Internet, and those older secular Turks who want to stop Erdogan—perhaps they’ve lived in Europe or America and have tasted freedom Where are all the headscarved women? Nowhere in sight, apparently. That’s telling. Erdogan’s vision for Turkey suits them just fine, thanks.

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