Uptick in small-cell jihad in Europe and downtick in any mention of it.

There is a sort of orchestrated dance taking place around the world between various mass media outlets, some of whom are true believers in the leftist-islamic alliance narrative, others who are under government orders to toe the party line such as in England and others still who either have large scale islamic ownership, or in over-regulated states such as Canada, are afraid of losing their licensing for broadcast and subsequently losing their entire operation in the stroke of a pen.

A part of this dance works thusly:

Muslims commit an act of terror. Everyone knows it was muslims and to advance the cause of islamic manifest destiny but governments and media work double-time to hide that fact in order to stop any blowback towards the islamic community which causes it.

(This is for several reasons each deserving an essay but just point formed here.)

The islamic community of course doesn’t want any blowback and the very rare time they get any, such as in England where the EDL showed up in force to protest the murder on the street of one of their own, there is a sudden display of peace and tolerance messages from leadership, the mosques are open to everyone and suddenly the EDL are all invited in for Tea in true English friendship.

This usually lulls the infidels back into a state of willing general-anesthesia until the next brutal attack wakes a few people up for a day or so.

At the end of the day this strategy works exceptionally well for the muslim agenda. With each attack they manage to gain concessions from various government organizations ranging from more autonomy and self policing, to greater degrees of islamic practice enforced on everyone in government institutions such as public schools and meanwhile scrutiny of islamic institutions drops even more.

Another component of the Western response to these attacks is to fail to report them, or report them in a small scale way and in a manner which is difficult to connect with an organized global-islamic jihad.

Check these links out from England and Sweden for example, and Swedish TV just reported the following moments ago:

Machete attack in the streets of Helsingborg, Sweden 4 days ago. A man from the “Middle east” attacked random people in the streets – seriously wounding one person.

(Via John M)

These are all within 24 hours and is by no means exhaustive. Stephen Coughlin in his post Boston Marathon attack brief explained how AlQueda/Muslim Brotherhood have switched to a ‘small cell terror’ strategy in order to make sure that their attacks are successful. Clearly many are following this directive and it looks like they may be ahead of the MB/AQ timeline of 2015 for full on war with the infidel as scripted by Ikhwan in 2005 as the 10 year plan.

But other more savvy muslims see it differently, especially in nations like the US where the overall public is not quite as emasculated or defenseless as they are in Europe. In the US they may fight back. But Canada and Europe, where the post WW2 narrative makes it that violence itself is the enemy and to be avoided at all costs even to the extent where an orderly surrender to a hate filled and hate fueled enemy, with values as far from our own as possible (and even well beyond the average Canadian imagination) is preferable to anyone getting hurt, even, and perhaps especially, the enemy themselves as each attack on a mosque or nasty thing which is said about them, true or no, is treated as at least as bad as the deaths of our innocents at their hands.

Yes in Canada and most of Europe there is no currency like sanctimony. And we treat it as a mark of personal pride that no matter what the enemy does to us, we will never allow ourselves to actually strike back. Sort of a Jesus meets cultural marxism mathematics.

In the US, and even to a degree in Canada, muslims may turn in jihadis planning to get their ticket punched for mohamed’s Bar and Brothel in the sky through violent jihad.

But why is that I wonder?

For the answer, please click play.

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  1. Pssst, do you have the link to this carricature which sooooooo well puts the double standards in a nutshell – I would like to add it to my files.
    Thank you

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