One question:

Why is it that after every time a muslim or a group of muslims attack random unbelievers and kill, maim, behead, or blow their limbs off politicians and talking heads start warning of a possible backlash against the muslim community which never ever comes yet no one ever things to warn the unbeliever community to keep an eye open for muslims, the people who are in fact killing us all over the place every day somewhere.

I guess its just that every time muslims slaughter unbelievers the rest of them get a totally irrational case of ‘Backlashophobia’

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  1. A great question but it sounds to me like you asked it out of frustration ( a feeling that I can readily identify with).
    Due to the planet Earth being closed, as it is undergoing service for serious malfunction of sanity at the moment, I think that your question must remain rhetorical!

    PS. You can come and collect Planet Earth next Thursday. Hopefully we should have it repaired by then.

  2. A kind of answer as far as rhetorical questions can be answered: It’s called “backlashophobia” in a “World Turned Upside Down”, where a healthy connection with reality is called “islamophobia”.

    As our good friend, Sheik Yermami once said:

    “Having Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912”

  3. Ever try saying the word Muslim at a cocktail party? Just kinda work it in off hand, real casual like. Watch how people wander off to refill their glasses, real casual like. Then you can say “oh wait I think I meant Muslin, did I say it incorrectly?” P.S. Bob I’m holding you to Thursday.

  4. Our culture and society are infected with an epidemic of Political Correctness (i.e. Marxism) from the emasculated, balless political class to the lackeys, lapdogs, and apologists of Islam in the MSM, they are shit scared of being accused of being racist or heaven forbid ‘Islamophobic. These bozos however will continue to grovel, pander, and cater to the Islamiats. no end. Sooner or later things will get real ugly, be armed, and be prepared, and don’t expect too much from your governments except pompous bluster and the usual lip service.

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