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5 Replies to “Brian Lilley speaks on some Canadian islamic authorities in a way that really needed to be done”

  1. BBC’s latest propaganda concerning riots in Sweden.

    Stockholm riots: cars and schools targeted in fifth night of violence (video)
    “A fifth night of violence and rioting in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, has seen a police station attacked and two schools and at least nine cars set alight.

    The unrest, which has spread across the suburbs, has triggered a debate about the assimilation of immigrants, who make up about 15% of the national population.

    Stephen Evans reports from Stockholm.”

  2. John Robson, eh… Now there’s someone who actually grasps the situation as it really is and who knows exactly what to do about it. He understands that the key to our victory comes from the reading of the Quran and the Hadiths, not from the endless misleading opinions we’re so used to hearing. Keeping in mind the revelation of abrogation, which states that the newer revelation will always be taken in the case of two revelations conflicting with each other, it shouldn’t be so impossible to nail this thing down and find out for once and for all if Islam is really a religion of peace. Why do you think they try so hard to keep us from doing it? Why do you suppose it is a crime under Sharia for a Kafir to study the Quran? The Quran is only about 300 pages long. It’s doable…

  3. Backlashophobia << That is a nice term. Everytime a talking head uses it as a warning and to verbally whip people, we should throw it right back at them. We should demand that they back up their assertions with statistics in terms of number killed and wounded and by who.

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