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7 Replies to ““Every-time they riot they get more money” – a somewhat honest explanation for the Swedish riots”

  1. Can it get more farcical than this? (Maybe I have just grown too cynical…)

    Muslim leaders’ Auschwitz visit boosts Holocaust knowledge
    “Muslim leaders from around the world have taken part in an unprecedented trip to Germany and Poland to see and hear for themselves about the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust.

    The 11 imams, sheiks and religious teachers from nine countries met a Holocaust survivor and Poles whose families risked execution to save Jews from the Nazis, in the Polish capital’s Nozyk Synagogue as part of the tour.

    They have been around museums, including the recently opened Museum of the History of Polish Jews on the site of the former Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw. And they also visited the Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps.

    “The main aim is to get Muslims who are leaders all over the world, particularly in the Middle East, to acknowledge the reality of what happened here and to be able to teach it to the people that they lead,” said trip organiser Rabbi Jack Bemporad, who is executive director of the US-based Center for Interreligious Understanding…”

  2. I’ve been saying this for years now. The governments HAVE to keep throwing money at the vermin, so they do not end up with soaring criminality rates, that render a normal functioning of society totally impossible, and don’t end up with total anarchy on their hands.

  3. She’s right – the ethno masochism of the West has actively encouraged this situation. When a culture hates itself, and teaches its children that their own society is the font of all “evils”, such as racism, sexism colonialism and capitalism, which is the situation right across the Western world today, what motivation does that society have to protect and defend itself? None. And it makes sense that Western nations should import immigrants who also hate the culture and want to destroy it. The only question is, are there enough people left in the West who do not hate their own culture, who are in fact proud of their own culture and want to defend it? If there are still such people they need to vote-out the ethno masochists, who inflate their egos in a claim of moral supremacy. The rioters burning Sweden’s cities are a physical materialization of the ideology of Leftist cultural self-hatred.

  4. The left is working hard to destroy the west, it remains to be seen if they succeed or if we manage to survive, personally I think that after a long hard struggle this century the west will once again win. The question is will we still be civilized after the wars of survival have been won.

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