Daniel Pipes world view Vs. Andrew Bostom.

I havent followed this quite as closely as I should have. So I may have some of the subtleties wrong in terms of what Mr. Pipes is selling.

As far as I can tell, he has two basic points he wishes people to accept.

1. Antisemitism is not inherently islamic but the province of some modern post-state-of-Israel variant of islam and is a consequence of the creation of this state.

2. The horror we see everywhere from muslims operating on scripture and instructions from various islamic authorities and scripture, are not really the religion of islam so much as that variant and perhaps certain organizations such as the muslim brotherhood etc.

Not wishing to get into the ‘True Scotsman’ logical fallacy, here are some info bits that may or may not help the uncertain make up their own minds.

Remember, The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was operating for decades before the creation of the modern state of Israel by the U.N.

An excerpt from Daniel Pipes article on his own website:

PIPES: My view is that anti-Semitism of this sort is historically a Christian phenomenon, but, in the course of the past two generations, as a result of propaganda coming out of the Egyptian government, the Iranian government, the Iraqi government, the Saudi government of this sort, it has become pervasive.

Now here is an article from Andrew Bostom:

And below, an excellent documentary from German/French TV on Islamic-Nazi alliances

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5 Replies to “Daniel Pipes world view Vs. Andrew Bostom.”

  1. What happened to Mr Pipes? I am genuinely wondering. I am as well genuinely concerned… Indeed; Mr Bostom has meticulously demonstrated that Islamic antisemitism is to be found in the very Islamic roots and has been practiced “ever since” throughout the caliphate and its successors until today.

    The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History

  2. It’s hard to dismiss what Pipes says, considering what an authority he is on the subject. But there is no question in my mind that Mohammed himself was furiously anti-semitic, as was his sock- puppet, “Allah”. Perhaps Pipes feels that the Islam-is-100%-bad theory, leaves no room for negotiation. But from what I see, there is no negotiating with Muslims, unless you enjoy the “Head I win, tails you lose” game rules that the Muslims insist on. I think Pipes is wrong and I think the world will continue in its agony until the religion of Islam is permanently gone from this world. That’s what I think…

  3. I don’t know what has happened to Pipes, I do know the Moslems are very antisemitic and are a danger to the entire world.

  4. @ Escape Velocity: thanks for that video in which Daniel Pipes quite clear-headedly suggest “let them go at each other”. I do agree with that. And the fact that he is now called “bigot, islamophobe” etc. indicates to me that he is still on the good side – even though his language might not be as black and white as we would like to see. But lets not forget, he is in public view and even travels (I think still) to the devil’s caves.

    Eyore: looking forward to seeing the Islamic/Nazi video – (a sign of the time (or lack thereof), we always go to the short ones first…)

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