Woodward: ‘I Would Not Dismiss Benghazi,’ Compares to Watergate

This from the man who busted Nixon for Waterate


More on current discoveries of the Obama agenda:

Jason Chaffetz Responds to White House Benghazi Emails

NY Times:

Weiner’s Wife Didn’t Disclose Consulting Work She Did While Serving in State Dept.

Pool photo by Susan Walsh

Huma Abedin, left, a longtime confidante of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Published: May 16, 2013

The State Department, under Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, created an arrangement for her longtime aide and confidante Huma Abedin to work for private clients as a consultant while serving as a top adviser in the department

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5 Replies to “Woodward: ‘I Would Not Dismiss Benghazi,’ Compares to Watergate”

  1. He is one of the two consummate experts on Watergate. 0bama makes Nixon look like a two-bit hood. We now have Tricky Barry.

  2. No one died in Watergate, I remember the scandal, it took time to build just as this one is taking time. Any Dem that knows history have to be sweating bullets.

  3. You know, of all the journalists that Obama should not want questioning him, I would think that Bob Woodward would be the biggest one. The White House needs Benghazi to drift into history as an unfortunate mistake, and the fact that Bob Woodward himself is choosing to stand in the way of that obscuring-of-the-facts, is sort of a bloody disaster for the Democrats, I think. It could start a landslide. I hope Bob doesn’t get shot resisting arrest on charges of tax evasion.

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