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8 Replies to “Amer-Indian speaks to immigration and Islam”

  1. A very smart gentleman indeed. Conservativism seen thru indigenous eyes. Now that is a whole new perspective for me, even here in Indian Country. Brilliant.

  2. I’m very impressed. That guy is truly wise. Now, if they’d only do a spot-or-two of him on mainstream TV. Most nice liberal educated people have absolutely no idea that there is thinking such as this in the world.

  3. Even though this was filmed by a white supremacyst group, one has to ask,”What does he know that we don’t?” Is it because at least europeans were mercyfull? And, “Is this is what is wrong with the west today? White mans guilt? I have never owened aslave or subjugated anyone, why the fuck should I be brow beaten into feeling guilty when I’ve done fuck all. Fuck ’em I say, let the laws of nature apply
    And yes, it’s beer o’clock.

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