French Priest Assaulted, Archbishop Warns of Muslim Takeover

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priest muslim assault

Muslims have a saying, “First the Saturday people, Then the Sunday People.” It’s as true in France as it is Egypt or Bethlehem.

The day after the attack on Father Grégoire, Monsignor Cattenoz has spoken out strongly and denounced “people of the Muslim faith taking control of the district”.

On Monday at around 8 pm, Father Grégoire from the parish of Saint-Jean was attacked by an individual. Struck on the face, the priest was unconscious on the ground until two other members of the parish arrived.

This Tuesday morning at around 11 am, Monsignor Cattenoz, Archbishop of Avignon, denounced growing insecurity in the district of Saint-Ruf (while the local authority official in charge of public safety instead claims that there has been a decrease in crime in this sector), as well as the proliferation of thefts and threats aimed at members of the parish.

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8 Replies to “French Priest Assaulted, Archbishop Warns of Muslim Takeover”

  1. I don’t care what religion the Priest is,but this is all part of the muzzie strategy,it’s meant to be intimidating, as has happened in England with the Old Ladies,….wonder how they are getting on now??

  2. Remember what Stephen Conghlin said in his latest video, the Moslems are working to a schedual, one that is to result in general war all around the world by 2016.

  3. Western civilisations must pre-empt the war of 2016 and start evicting ALL muslims from their countries – it has been done before!

  4. War is scheduled alright. And by heck we have been planning it since 9/11.

    First we have to set up the caliphate, so we have a proper enemy that can be dealt with as a whole, rather then the piecemeal method of going after Iraq, Afghanistan – each needing approval by the UNSC and Congress. Best to have one caliphate – it makes matters much easier and makes sense.

    To this effect we have got rid of even our friends in the ME, and handed the countries over to the Muslim Brotherhood. Just Syria is holding up the plan.

    But I reckon we will solve the problem of Syria in consort with Russia by the end of the year.

    Once war starts, it becomes possible to target the enemy within as a community rather then having to take action against lone Jihadis. In any war, the combatant communities self-segregate. This means Muslims will leave the West quite voluntarily.

    In this context, it makes sense to handle the enemy community within with great care.


    It takes a lot of hard and patient work to organise a world war with an angelic face, and claim complete innocence.

  5. Not for nothing are democratic politicians the most consummate assassins and liars in the world. Unlike dictators, they have to kill without any blood being drawn.

  6. It was obviously the “normal” modus operandi of the so-called “youth from sensible suborbs” – a euphemism for thugs of maghrebian or sub-Saharan immigrant background: attacking in a pack, menacing with knife to kill (as the last of the “youth”, according to the tape, did, when another priest wanted to intervene etc. – YET: NOT ONE MENTION IS MADE OF THEIR OBVIOUS ‘ETHNIC’ AND ‘CULTURAL’ BACKGROUND. This self-censure by the “Authorities” and even the VICTIMS makes us not only to victims, but to enablers of these – in my opinion “hard-wired for badness” thugs who then claim “victimhood” or “religion of peace, ie Islam – for themselves. I am sooooooooo tired of our cowardice! –

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