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4 Replies to “Fallout from Australia’s show last night on ‘sectarian’ (muslim) violence over Syria”

  1. and then? What comes next? Well I guess the next Muslim gang will occur. There is no end to this story. Wherever Muslims appear, hatred, crime, violence, rape and oppression come along too. And no, it’s not just a “small minority”. That’s their political ideology. It goes all hand in hand. How could Australia let these ugly devils in their land?

  2. Aussies aren’t euro-wimps. They’re “live & let live” kinda blokes. This filth stays contained, cool, let the ragheads kill each other. But gets out of hand, they’re no pommy pansies.

  3. What Andrew said.

    @ yuki: sorry Aussies have been pretty much dhimmified already. Have you seen the media nearly unanimously defaming Cronulla , where the muslim “revenge attacks” caused sooo much damage and casualties, yet even the police conveniently “lost” video footage that proved the lebanese/arab/muslim hoardes descending on the population of Cronulla. The residents of Cronulla were accused of raaaaaacism, yet not one of the violent thugs got arrested.

    And have you seen the present government abandoning all our border security? we have now up to 3 boatloads of muslims invading Australia, every day. 200 – 300 muslims per day, realeased into the community, without control? What you see above happens now, that officially on 2.5 % of the population are muslim, you just wait.

    And only very few voices in the media DARE speaking about it. And as soon as they do, they get defamed as nasty extreeeeeme right wing, raaaaacists.

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