Prayer leader, 62, rapes, kills 7 year old girl

Emirates 24/7

Accused took part in search for the missing child and attended her funeral

Published Thursday, May 09, 2013Seven-year-old Basmala who was raped and killed allegedly by a prayer leader in Egypt.

A 62-year old Egyptian, identified as Mustapha MA, kidnapped a seven-year old girl, raped her, stole her gold earring, killed her and dumped her body in garbage, the ‘Al Youm Al Sabea’a’ newspaper has reported.
Mustapha is the owner of a restaurant and is known as ‘Sheikh Mustafa’ as he used to lead people in prayers.The public prosecutor in Al Zagazig has ordered the accused be held in police custody for four days pending investigations.

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6 Replies to “Prayer leader, 62, rapes, kills 7 year old girl”

  1. Tut, tut…. now what he did was was very, very wrong. As a prayer leader he should have known better about the morals of Islam. She’s only seven years-old.
    He should have waited until she was nine before he raped and killed in her!
    The Pirate Mohammed must be turning in his flaming hot grave.

  2. @ Softly Bob

    I thought the criteria for sex with a girl according to some Islamic authorities is when the girl can bear the weight of a man. They said that was usually around 8. I should have copied the story for proof. I don’t remember who the authorities were specifically. I think they were Egyptian Imams. I gotta look that story back up.

    I read where doctors gave 15 reason for young teenage girls should not get pregnant. Two of the reasons were that the resultant babies had a higher incidence of low birth weight and that they oft had the issue of a fatty liver which is quite life threatening. And this young girl was 6 years shy of being a teenager. I think most people know the reason for not having sex with young children except pedophiles and some Imams.

    So whose advice do we go with, the doctors or the Imams?

    @ Everyone

    So a 7 year old was brutally murdered. That is very sad. Is the family of the girl of a lower social class than the offending prayer leader? I wonder why this guy is not dead yet at the hands of girl’s family. Per the way that many Muslims practice Islam, a daughter eloping with a romantic love interest brings dishonor to the family. If a family does not bringing bloody vengeance on a person who has murdered one of their kin, do not they suffer dishonor if there murderer walks away a free man?

  3. John, in many cases the raped / murdered girl is seen as having acted dishonourably by allowing herself to molested in this way. Yes, it’s not the man’s fault, he couldn’t help it as the little minx was too irresistable for him.
    In many cases the family of the murdered girl accept what has happened as the victim has brought shame upon her family. That is the way that I see it!
    As for what you said before about the girl being able to bear the weight of the man, yes this is true also, but if Muslim men are in any doubt they should follow in the steps of their disgusting prophet, and do as he did.
    Therefore they should wait until the girl is nine years old. Up until that age only thighing, kissing and possibly sodomy are allowed.

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