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3 Replies to “Australia’s ‘Faceless Group’, anti burka movement and pro gender equality launch new video.”

  1. Incidentally, I don’t think the video explained very well the incident with the burka-wearing female driver for people who might not live in Australia:

    Basically it went like this:

    Australian police stopped a car for some infringement (I think registration was obscured or something). The driver happened to wear a full burka. When the Police asked, politely, for the woman’s identification, she became violently aggressive. The policeman stayed calm and polite. A few days later, a “delegation” of muslims (one a known Islamic “activist”) arrived at the police station, cameras and media in tow. The (full burka wearing) women claimed that the Police had acted violently against them, and had been very racist in their remarks.

    It turned out, that the police cars, now equipped with cameras, had recorded the whole incident and the woman was obviously lying and defaming the police. When it came to court, two women, wearing the full hijab appeared, their defense claiming, that – as they were unable to be identified, having worn the hijab, no-one could tell which one had brought forward the false allegations against the police.

    I don’t remember how it finished, but it definitely lasted long enough to bring out the usual nasty allegations against police etc.

    It was D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G.

  2. OMG … I am so angry all over again. I had actually forgotten what I now see as a very significant case (having been woken out of my slumber since).

    Thanks Eeyore, for being so on the ball. I live in Australia and get better information from Canada – (at least on this blog as you have your truth manipulators too).

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