“The United States has become a tool of Muslim Brotherhood expansionism”

To anyone who listened to Diana West today on the EDL Blog Talk Radio program, the following analysis fills in any missing puzzle pieces in a rather clear yet chilling way.

From Jihad Watch:

This is one of the most extraordinary analyses I have ever read. For years people have wondered why Obama acts in a manner so favorable to Sharia and Islamic supremacism. Speculation has centered on his own religious beliefs, but here, Daniel Greenfield offers a less personal and ultimately more compelling explanation — one that elucidates it all in a way that makes sense of the Left’s having signed on to Obama’s general enabling of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Obama’s Big Brotherhood Bet,” by Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage, May 6:

In the spring of 2009, Obama went down to Cairo. He skipped the gaming tables at the Omar Khayyam Casino at the Cairo Marriott and instead went over to the Islamist baccarat tables at Cairo University and bet big on the Muslim Brotherhood.Obama had insisted on Muslim Brotherhood attendance at a speech that was part apology and part abandonment. The apology was for American power and the abandonment was of American allies.

The text of the speech was largely inconsequential in the same way that most of the words that scroll across the teleprompters of politicians are. In politics, the speech is often the medium while the timing, the audience and the location are the message. And the message was that the Brotherhood’s hour had come.

Obama was following through on an idea that had long been an article of faith on the left. The idea was that the United States had invested in a defunct status quo and that our biggest problems were our allies. The only way out was to toss them all overboard.

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  1. I take no satisfaction in seeing USA the slave of Saudi Arabia, and an enemy of the West. In fact, I feel sad. I have many friends in the USA – good Christians and genuinely nice people, whose hospitality I enjoy when I’m in America, and reciprocate when they are here (just as today). But yet, when it comes to policy, I cannot start saying it is this administration or that, but American policy itself. In mature democracies, such as the USA, foreign policy, if it has to have any relevance and thrust at all, has to be longterm, and continue from one administration to the next.

    Long before Bosnia, the US was attached to Saudi Arabia, hip and thigh. Consider East Timor, a Portuegese colony set for independence. Indonesia demanded that it be handed over to them. Portugal said NO, as there was no case for such – Timor was a colony of Portugal before Indonesia was even a country. International law was on the side of Portugal. Yet America, with Kissinger, forced Portugal to hand over Timor to Indonesia. Then started the systematic persecution of Timoreans, escalating finally to genocide.

    Then we have the case of Bangladesh. It was clear that mass murder and genocide was in progress in that country by Pakistan, supported by America. When India threatened to step in to stop the genocide of Infidel Hindus, Buddhists and Christians, America, amazingly, and knowing full well of the ongoing genocide, sent its fleet to threaten India. India then signed a security pact with the USSR, thus checkmating America. The result was that the genocide of Hindus stopped.

  2. Now to more recent history

    It was the US that bombed Serbia and created a Muslim state in Europe, something that the successive Muslim invasions over a 1000 years failed to do. Both France and the UK were initially against it. It was again the US that created a narco-Muslim state in Europe – Kosovo.

    It is the US that is supporting Islamists around the world- arming them, supporting them with no-fly zones against reasonable ME countries, so when the Islamists win, they murder Christians, burn churches, and finally drive them out. Ditto in Iraq – people warned that Christians were being massacred in Iraq, but America turned a blind eye. Now there are few Christian left in Iraq. Only Syria was generous enough to offer refuge to hundreds of thousands of them, so in Saudi eyes the become the enemy, and thus the enemy of America.

    If the US continues on this anti-Christian path, there will be no Christians in the lands which were originally Christian. It needs reminding that Antioch in Syria, was where Christians were first called that.

  3. Ann Barnhardt on fire

    On Benghazi and ‘Expendable Faggots’

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with the rest of the regime players, murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens. It was a hit. It wasn’t incompetence. It wasn’t deer-in-the-headlights collective inaction. It wasn’t a kidnapping plot gone wrong. It was a hit.


    Read it all.

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