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5 Replies to “One thousand mustards: “We want we want jihad””

  1. This is in Indonesia the only Islamic state that doesn’t have a law on the book to execute those that leave Islam

  2. “Jihad”, in this context means “war”. That’s a big crowd of guys chanting, “We want, we want, war!”. You can’t get any more overt than that. And still, our politicians and the the mainstream media keep insisting on pretending they have absolutely no idea why anybody would put a pressure-cooker bomb at the end of the Boston Marathon. How long is it going to go on like this? If the West waits until the percentage of Muslims in their own countries gets to critical mass, it is going to be all over but the crying. They need to start showing the truth on TV. We’re going to lose this if we don’t wake up soon!

  3. Channel 7’s Andrew O’Keefe’s shining example of a nice Muslim country. Wonder what that drop-kick’s idea of a nasty one would be then?

    That’s a target rich environment I have to say. Never a guided missile around when you need one…

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