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4 Replies to “Video on the 6 bearded clam-tards who had planned to kill EDL people at a demo”

  1. Clam-tards? 😀 In Sweden some of us call muslims clams, because clams are called musslor… Muslims -> musslor.

  2. Sadly the big news is the threat to EDL which is intended to create fear in the supporters, and what about the the 8 other terrorists who were caught planning other devestion,? Not too much about them….or their targets…just ordinary citizens not affiliated with any enlightened groups of brave souls who attempt to bring balance and awareness of the sickening islamic movements in all free democracies.


  3. Two points to clarify here:

    1/ The EDL have never terrorised nor threatened to kill anyone. All they do is campaign and demonstrate. Muslims threaten and kill people, but yet it is the EDL that are vilified as being dangerous and of course still wrongfully referred to as ‘extreme right-wing’.

    2/ Notice the weapons found in the boot of the car – knives, swords and shotguns, all perfectly legal to buy in Britain. Not one illegal weapon was there (apart from legal shotguns turned into illegal sawn-offs). There were no handguns, no assault rifles, no military rifles, the sort of thing that anti-gun lobbyists are terrified of.
    Criminals will use whatever they can get their hands on.

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