A great moment at 8:30


So, a huge group of bearded weirdoes march through British streets demanding that Buddhists and the people of Burma “go to hell” and chanting medieval nonsense. One british patriot at eight minutes thirty speaks the blindingly obvious. I bet he is the only one arrested. Video is pretty good though, click the gear at the bottom and dial it up to 720. You can really see the grime in the beards.

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  1. This video both nauseates me and angers me.
    Muslims never take responsibility for anything. Everyone else is to blame. They never understand that Buddhists are only angry with them because of what they do to Buddhists.

    I’m tired of Muslims playing the victim. I think that if they want to be victims then we should give them a real reason to feel like victims. From now on, Muslims should be genuinely victimized and not just the imaginary victimization that appears in their own heads.
    I want to see Muslims victimized. They should learn where their place is, at the bottom of the food chain.
    Mosques should be burnt down, their wives should be stolen from them, their children should be kidnapped and converted. Muslims should learn to live in fear and kiss the boots of every infidel they meet. They must be made to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders. They should be harassed, mocked, threatened and humiliated wherever they go.
    They have been acting as victims for a long time, so let us give then their wish. Let us make them into true victims!

  2. What surprises me is the way so many supposed intelligent people can look at that mob and thing that they are victims.

  3. I was struck by the total absence of enthusiasm in vocalization, ambulation and eye contact on the part of the ‘fervent’ muzlims. A further indication that islam is in decline.

    That great moment at 8:30 appears to have been cut soon after.

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