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6 Replies to “My dearest woman. The US profoundly regrets you ever moving there as well.”

  1. Coisonous Punt…..

    Drone bait……typical drone bait….an intoxicating combination of fanaticism, low intelligence, taquiya and melodrama……just another day in Muslimtown….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Ups, just as I wated to watch the whole thing without sound, it dissapeared. She is extremly controled. One can see this better without her screaming. But she can’t manage to hide her curiosity about the effect her perfomance has on the ordiance.

    In a sane world, the public would burst out laughing. But…

  3. These two are actually naturalized U.S. citizens! I wonder if their U.S. welfare checks are still being mailed to them in Dagestan? Nothing would surprise me.

  4. One of the few times i would agree with Putin,as for that evil bitch her head should be on a stake at the side of the evil bastard she gave birth to and brainwashed.

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