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10 Replies to “Britain and Jordan sign treaty to push Abu Qatada deportation”

  1. About time this lump of faeces was flushed away!
    I’m impressed by the Jordanians that they haven’t given up on Qatada’s pursuit.
    It will be interesting to know if he falls down some steps in Amman?

  2. He will still suck at the tit of the English taxpayer for some time, since he has yet STILL another right of appeal – and the final decision lays with “the Courts” , not places where justice or even reason is easily found.

  3. All these ‘legal’ maneuvers are a mockery of Western justice. You can bet the enemy camp is relaxed with popcorn in hand thoroughly entertained by the multi-ring diplo-legal circus these costly hearings/’treaties’ present as each ‘Qatada’ wannabe takes lessons on how to drain the kuffar’s coffers and dance to his shariah compliant tune.
    All those ‘suits’ perform like unionized actors for the performing arts .

  4. Deportation is waste of time now. It’s gone on far too long. A silent ‘disappearance’ in the middle of the night is what is called for.

  5. @ Softly Bob
    Believe me that piece of filth should be banged up for life for what he’s been up to. When he gets out I hope somebody kicks the crap out of him.

  6. @Ox AO
    Because Brussels rules the roost in Europe now and our spineless government that loves the EU so much do exactly as Brussels tell them. We want out.

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