Norwegian Islamist leader celebrates the Boston bombers:

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From Dagbladet:

“REAL LIONS!! May Allah SWT reward them! Amiina! ”

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This was the status update on Facebook by the Norwegian Islamist Ubaydullah Hussain (27)the 19th of April.

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The message was posted along with a picture of the 2 brothers behind the bomb attacks in Boston.

Hussain has in the past praised several terrorist attacks, most recently in January during the Aménas hostage crisis.

Hussain are known to be one of the most attention-seeking Islamists in Norway and leader of the group “Prophet’s Ummah” , which currently are under investigation by the Oslo police and the Police Security Service.

On Friday,- Hussain posted his first comment about the Boston attacks, “To hell with Boston and the U.S., and may Allah destroy America,” he wrote. (His Facebook profiles:


Hussain has not yet responded to Dagbladet’s inquiry in this matter, but to the tv station TV2,he wrote in an email:

“This small attack can not be compared with the US wars against Muslim nations for decades. Their cowardly drone attacks and torture against our brothers, sisters and children are reprehensible. Why hasn’t the Western contries and the Western media focused on this? Besides this, I have no further comment.”


In October 2012, Hussain was arrested for threats against one journalists in Dagsavisen and one in Aftenposten as well as threats against the Jewish community. He was released on bail the following month, still awaiting the trial.


In December last year, he told TV2 he was passing on a message from another high profiles Islamist – Arfan Bhatti , where Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan were described as “moving targets, living corpses.”

Hussain: “After a pleasant conversation with our brother Arfan Bhatti, I want to present this message from him with reference to the article about the Telemark Battalion (the Norwegian Battalion in Afghanistan at that point)- who had earlier stated “they were ready to fight anyone who attacked their forces”.

In October 2012, he posted a message most people interpreted as death threats against all Norwegian Jews.

“Once I have gotten a license to carry firearms and obtained an AK47,I will “protect” them myself, InshAllah – “wrote Hussain on Facebook, refering to a newspaper article about Jews in Norway who asked for police protection.


Just before Christmas, the Secret Police informed that Hussain were under investigation regarding threatening Facebook messages – directed at the foreign minister Espen Barth Eide (Labour).

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  1. That idiot is doing us a lot of good, the more people who hear about his statement the more who will be driven to help us fight back.

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