Glenn Beck appears to be blackmailing the US government.

Now this is something. I am of two minds about this one. It could be a person in possession of genuinely significant information which demonstrates that the executive branch in the U.S. no longer represents any rational notion of the interests of the American people, or, it could be someone playing geopolitics with information they shouldn’t have and do not understand why the government does not reveal it. This of course is true for all governments at all times. They cannot tell all the public all they know as often the public doesn’t understand what is in their own interests as well as telling the public something is the same as telling your enemies that same thing.

We have a few hours left to speculate as to what his news is. Can it be that the Saudi that Michelle Obama is rumoured to have visited in the hospital in Boston before deptoration is actually the man who financed the whole terror op? What about the naked guy?

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12 Replies to “Glenn Beck appears to be blackmailing the US government.”

  1. “the U.S. no longer represents any rational notion of the interests of the American people.”

    That is the correct answer. Our government doesn’t!

  2. Glen Beck seems a rather emotional fellow, but personally I think many many questions remain, and many will probably never be answered. The (un)happy ending was just a bit too neat: first suspect dead, second suspect apparently literally deprived of his speech by a shot through the throat, sustained when?

    Seems so convenient.

    Then you have the unscheduled meeting behind closed doors with the Saudi Foreign Minister, followed by a “deportation order” for a Saudi suspect (on “national security grounds”)this deportation order now apparently cancelled.

    The elephant in the room is still Islam, but Islam’s eager little helpers are a tangled net…

    And I too wait for what Glen Beck has to expose – hoping that he has a healthier heart than Andrew Breitbart.

  3. I like Glen Beck. He means to be good, but he must connect the jews to Obama. Jews have NEVER been a friend to Christianty nor to America. He must quit being so sympethetic to the nefarious jew, for they are the ones trying to destroy the European peoples.

  4. I thought, having read the speculative piece on Debka about them being double agents of the US who turned, that Obama’s regime may have funded and trained these terrorists, as in Fast and furious…

  5. Terrence drop the Jew hatred. The problem is Islam and the apologists for Islam. Most of our media is ignoring the obvious and making excuses to protect Islam and their appeasers. Beck at least recognizes the problem.

  6. Anon,
    there seems to be a mountain of evidence that suggests that a hugely disproportunate amount of Jews seem to be pushing mass third world immigration & multiculturism upon us. Strange, but true.

  7. “There seems to be a mountain of evidence…”

    Let’s see it. Verifiable, not just some Jew hating blog please. My bet is you can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

  8. “There seems to be a mountain of evidence…”
    Whenever I hear some conspiracy theory which sounds like it came out of the protocols, it reminds me that it was always the Jew hating nazis that were in bed with Jew hating islamists.

  9. The only problem Jews are the self-loathing, progressive, Marxist Jews who despise Israel – and let’s face it, they’re no more Jewish than I am, and I’m not Jewish!

  10. Anything he has about the release of the Saudi National is going to be explosive, the question is how explosive.

    Obama is the first President we have had that doesn’t love our nation, Carter and Clinton were and are Marxist fools who wanted to make us into a Marxist nation but Obama’s actions show that he is out to destroy the US.

  11. “they’re no more Jewish than I am”
    funny enough bob, that’s where there is a big difference between islam and Judaism, Jews have to accept each other in the synagogue, even if they say openly “I don’t believe in God, I only go to wedding and bar mitzvahs”. No concept of apostasy.
    If a useful idiot is Jewish, hes just a Jewish useful idiot, it’s just the way it is.

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