Links and news for April 20 2013

Thank you Richard, M, Rita, and all who sent material in. As you can imagine tons of material with respect to Boston has come this way and it is hard, sometimes impossible to check it all and post it, especially if I am also editing related video material, which can take some time.

But here are some of the links that seem legit and deserve a look.

1 Suddenly its an ‘extremist’ mosque where the bomber went. I bet if you asked a week ago you would be called a racist for suggesting it. Well I suggest that if you stick around any Friday after prayers long enough you will hear incentive to commit acts of islam upon the unbeliever in 9 out of 10 mosques in the Western world and 11/10 in the Eastern one.

In any case, this one in Boston gets municipal subsidies. 

2. Tamerlane, who it seems to me, was likely named after one of the most bloodied and ruthless muslim generals in history, who was responsible for the deaths of countless Hindus etc. in India 90,000 in one day, had his own youtube channel. His video picks seem to favour shiite mythology in most ways. He apparently wanted to assist the process of extricating the boy stuck in the well in Iran to come out and take possession of the world and kill all the unbelievers or something. Here are a couple of the vids from his channel.

a: Prophesy of muslim stuff:

b: This is a great one. a jihad on harry potter. But to be fair the speaker does have a point. He claims that Harry Potter is not just “harmless fiction” and I can see what he means. Islam itself may well have started out as harmless fiction. Campfire tales by desert merchants. And look how many lives and civilizations have been destroyed by it. In a way, substitute drinking unicorn blood with camel urine and you actually have islam.

3. Breitbart: Caucasus, breeding ground for terror

4. Several videos and details about the events in Boston yesterday.

5.  A 33 minute video, ‘The Islamic States of America’. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen it yet. I am told it is good.

6. Some time ago, I interviewed Bernard Payeur, a Canadian systems analyst who wrote a book on Koran, initially intending to dispel people’s contempt for Islam but the author discovered on his analysis of it, that in fact koran and Islam did not get as much contempt it deserved, if such amount of contempt indeed even exists.

Since then he has done a lot more writing and editing and here is his page to all his works. It is worth examining and if you are willing to gamble on one, I quite like Pain, pleasure and prejudice.

7. Burmese government declines help from the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.  

8. Boston terrorist was a good muslim as he “beat his girlfriend lightly.”

9. Graffiti daring to suggest it might be muslims who did the attack in Boston scrawled near a mosque. Writing has a sort of oddly Arabic kind of rhythm to it. I’m not suggesting this is another case of grand Mufti Hilalli-itis again or anything but he did establish a sort of pattern.

10. Is absence of proof, proof of absence? Classmate of Obama’s is puzzled as to why they never met.

11. Some truly sick shiite on this muslim facebook page.

12 Children pick through garbage cans for food in Greece. In North Korea, they call those, “flower Swallows”.


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6 Replies to “Links and news for April 20 2013”

  1. The graffiti sounds just like a youtube jihadi. It’s awfully long winded.

    Murderous? Who says “murderous”? Yup you know who.
    “What were you thinking?” How many times have we read that?
    Hitler tried terror and FAILED as will you. erm Hitler didn’t try terror. Shows fundamental missunderstanding of Hitler and WW2. Who do we know who doesn’t have even rudimentary interest in that subject. And what sort of person talks about people they don’t like Failing?

    Yup, you know who. This is right up there with the time CAIR blamed “i want blood on my hands” on BNI, yet refused to show the original screencap (that would have shown when it was taken (probably 5 seconds after the anonymous commenter (most likely CAIR themselves) wrote it).

    Hitler did, however, use activists. In america they did the same thing BDS is doing. Just sayin.

    It’s by someone for whom english is a second language and it sounds just like an internet jihadi.

    It’s even in all caps too. HA!



    See how the lettering is spaced?!?!!!?! In Murderous the S is moved to the right to make space for the lampost.

    Scum (tree) bags
    Tried (lamp) Terror
    Will (lamp) you

    This was NOT scrawled in haste or anger. It wasn’t scrawled to be seen by passers by. It was planned out to be photographed!!! To be photographed from the distance the photographer is.


  3. To be clear this happened in England. Cambridge news is a british paper and the town is Cambridge in England. This was NOT done in Cambridge mass..

    Waitaminute II, the sequel.

    That it happened in a city that could so easily be confused with a city in another country where the terror took place is a hell of a coincedence, don’t you think?

    Yup, it’s total shenanagans.

    of all the fucking nerve!

  4. Richard. It’s because Ji-Tards type by bashing their heads on the keyboard.

    This is an grim fraud. And a particularly insulting one. My observations are still all spot on. The spacing of the lettering was planned out so the photo could be taken from across the street, not so it could be seen by passing cars or pedestrians. That planning means it wasn’t done in rage.

    Cambridge England was also chosen because it could so easily be confused with Cambridge Mass thus aid the terrorists perversion of the narrative.

    It was done to as a propoganda Riazza to steal the narrative of victimized non muslims into a fraudulent narrative of victimized muslims.

    It’s spitting on the dead to aid the allies of those who killed them.

    It’s using this outright lie based upon the murders of non muslims to get sympathy for a mosque made by the exact same kind of radicals who orchestrated the murders. A mosque that will be used to produce more jihadist murderers.

    This was seriously sick making. These dirty liars have to be called out and my evidence is more than enough for the courts of public opinion.

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