A thought, and possible partial solution for Israel.

If there are any major government officials reading this site please consider the following idea as a way of dealing with one of the thorns in your side now for many years.

It works like this:

1. Rename the security fence, ‘The Great Wall of Jerusalem’. Claim it was built thousands of years ago to keep the barbarian invaders out.

2. Pay for a few hundred leftists and a film crew to go to China and protest the newly dubbed, ‘Apartheid wall’ that China built for exactly the same reason as Israel built hers, but point out the actual and factual stunning lack of diversity inside the Chinese apartheid wall and profound and enriching diversity outside of it and hey presto! at least that is one less thing for Israel to have to constantly defend itself about.

Chinese Apartheid Wall

Chinese Apartheid Wall

Great Wall of Jerusalem

Great Wall of Jerusalem

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5 Replies to “A thought, and possible partial solution for Israel.”

  1. Interesting program re Israel on (British) TV this week.I had no idea that there was a huge amount of orthodox Jews, with a lot of political clout, who seem to do bugger all every day except study religious texts whilst sucking up welfare. The taxpayers didn’t seem overjoyed.

  2. Eyore: I LOVE this post hehehe 🙂

    @ parisclaims: Yes these (what we call) dolebludgers are resented by the taxpayers, even more so because (as far as I know) they do not fight in the army either. But, let’s not forget the Muslim sector. Israeli Arabs form 20 percent of the country, but consume 52 percent of its social benefits.

  3. PS: @ parisclaims: If the program you saw was produced by the jew-hating arab/islam promoting BBC, I bet they didn’t mention the Israeli Arabs…

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