But what is the Boston islamic community like, its leadership and local politicians?

Check out this professionally done bit of research about muslim leadership and its connections from 2010. This pretty much guarantees what took place in Boston and probably much much more.

Thank you for this bit of solid gold Oz-Rita. This is amazing.

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  1. Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Mosque’s Imam Replaced as Speaker at [Thursday’s Interfaith] Service for Boston Marathon Attack VictimsPatrick and Menino did not back out that appearance at ISBCC, but Patrick may have now changed his tune on the mosque based on his office’s apparent rescinding of Webb’s invitation to speak at Thursday’s interfaith service for the Boston Marathon victims, which also featured remarks by Obama and by Jewish and Christian leaders.

    Both Patrick’s office and the ISBCC did not immediately return requests for comment from JNS.org.

  2. This morning (Australia time) I saw this Governor standing next to the colleages of the slain policeman, murdered by the jihadists. I didn’t even pay attention to what he said, because I had not seen this video yet. But seeing him in this clip, schmusing with the iman, I feel a little sick, because this guy (a democrat and African American, just like Obama)shares, in my opinion, the guilt for what happened in Boston.

  3. As usual we are being given the waffle that it is only a small minority who are responsible for these outrages, Now the mother of one of the murderers wants in on the act by trying to tell us that it has nothing to do with Islam because his wife is a Christian. As though that makes any difference to the murderous teachings of Islam. On the contrary, marrying a none Muslim and then converting them to Islam is all part of the teaching of Islime.

  4. around 4:20, This patriot act allows THEM to…

    That one word shows us what’s being propagated at American mosques. That choice of word was intentional. It was meant to go under the radar of the people in the room and to casual listeners – and thus make a subconscious impression. Create a supposition that this terrorist knows isn’t there but wants to create the illusion of in the minds of muslims.

    It’s meant to contribute to a Frame. To my understanding a Frame is a coloring or feeling or over all context that is intentionally implied instead of stated outright. When stated outright it’s not effective.

    Framing is a subtle and very sleazy opinion manipulation technique.

    Members of the “Game” seducer subculture use it to create the illusion of shared intimacy with women they have just met. They act AS IF they have a shared connection with the woman they have just met, saying and doing little things as if they and the target are already share a connection.

    This terrorist pig is using it in order to make muslims FEEL like they are seperate from non muslims, despite what they see and encounter every day.

    THAT IS WHY the older brother said in a photo essay in 2008 that he felt alientated from other Americans. The ONLY thing contributing to that feeling was sleazy terrorist filth like this.

    His brother is a perfect example. He had the perfect life, evryone of all sorts loved him, yet someone worked to put a delusion in his head that he is alienated.

    And one of the many ways they did it was from the tactical use of words like “THEY”

  5. I have two things to say, 1) Political Correctness has already compromised our security. 2) All it takes to radicalize a “moderate” Moslem is to start preaching the full Koran to them.

  6. U.S. public defender in Boston seeks to represent bomb suspect

    BOSTON | Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:21pm EDT

    (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Public Defender Office in Boston is seeking to be appointed to represent Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

    The office commonly defends individuals who cannot afford their own attorneys in criminal cases. An official there, Charles McGinty, said its attorneys have not spoken to Tsarnaev and will have to be appointed to represent him by a federal judge. “That’s why we’re trying to advance the appointment to be as soon as possible,” he said.

    The 19-year-old suspect was captured Friday night and remains hospitalized under guard in Boston.


  7. Great video. Hopefully, many will become more interested in the topic, read blogs like yours, and watch videos like this now that we have experienced such a visible and tragic reminder of the threat.

  8. The sad part of such a video is that this is repeated just about everywhere in the western world and we are too liberalized to see it. A few good people are speaking out but strangely enough, one day, you don’t hear from them anymore. Whatever happened to EDL’s Tommy Robinson?!??! Just saying.

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