‘Food fight’ involving 20 men began after racial abuse claim

I’m going to have to read this a few more times to figure out what happened, and why the only non-Muslim seems to be the only one arrested.

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This is Croydon:

By Rachel Millard rachel.millard@croydonadvertiser.co.uk

A RACIALLY abused shopper threw eggs at a butcher, sparking a mass street brawl.

Calvin Fairweather, 48, pleaded guilty to affray over the incident at J and J Halal Butcher, in High Street, Thornton Heath, in the afternoon of June 2 last year.

  • ?MASS BRAWL:   High Street, Thornton Heath, after the huge fight on June 2 last year  Photo by Wayne Shadrake
    MASS BRAWL: High Street, Thornton Heath, after the huge fight on June 2 last year Photo by Wayne Shadrake
  • The spat inside the shop sparked a street brawl, involving up to 20 people and ending in one man losing two fingers.
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    5 Replies to “‘Food fight’ involving 20 men began after racial abuse claim”

    1. I feel bad about the guy who lost 2 fingers, but I would let Calvin Fairweather go with slap on the wrist (a few sessions of counseling) and charge the butcher with inciting a riot.

    2. @Red
      I wouldn’t worry too much about the lost fingers. Having been lost in or near a halal butcher’s shop they will probably have been found by now and made into kebabs, those muzzies don’t like to waste things. They’ve been known to do much worse in Britain. It’s now a standing joke amongst some Brits, “Never buy a kebab from a muzzie take-away because you never know who is in them”.

      The muzzies have now occupied Croydon for so long that some people don’t use the name ‘Croydon’ anymore but have now renamed it “Curryoydon.”

    3. @ Didums
      It’s more than possible that he was a Somali Muslim hence the insult of being called a black *******.
      The Asian Muslims are quick to make accusations about others using racial abuse towards their own kind, but they themselves are amongst the worlds biggest racists and insult throwers. If indeed the person arrested was a Somalian, that would explain his violent reaction. Those people are prone to using violence and in his case I don’t blame him.

      The Asian Muslims, especially the Pakistani Muslims, are getting more stroppy than ever these days as their numbers increase, they picked on the wrong guy that’s all. The reason why he was the only one arrested was because he was the one who hit first (or so the others would have us believe) thereby causing an affray. The rest of them would have all denied the offense of racism of course, as the Asian Muslims, mainly Pakistani, are noted for being the biggest liars on earth. All part of taqiyya and the Muslim so-called faith.

      The only thing that disappoints me about this incident is the fact that one of them lost two fingers. It should have been two of something else.

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