Teenager exposes India’s ‘one month wives’ sex tourism

Islam. The religion of selling off young people for sex with strangers for money while simultaneously claiming the moral high hand.

This article is in error however. It is not forbidden in Islam at all and is encouraged in Shiia Islam where prostitution is a good thing so long as the pimp is the cleric. As long as you buy your ‘short term marriage contract’ from the guy with the big cloth hat no one gets rocks pelted at them till they die.

At least for that.

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The Telegraph:

A 17-year-old girl has exposed the scale of Islamic sex tourism in India where Muslim men from the Middle East and Africa are buying ‘one month wives’ for sex.

Hyderabad sex tourism

Inspector Vijay Kumar who is in charge of the ‘one month’ wives case Photo: DEAN NELSON
Dean Nelson

By , Hyderabad

5:19PM BST 14 Apr 2013

Campaigners for Muslim women’s rights said while short term ‘contract marriages’ are illegal in India and forbidden in Islam, they are increasing in Hyderabad, in southern India, where wealthy foreigners, local agents and ‘Qazis’ – government-appointed Muslim priests – are exploiting poverty among the city’s Muslim families.

The victim, Nausheen Tobassum, revealed the scale of the problem when she escaped from her home last month after her parents pressurised her to consummate a forced marriage to a middle aged Sudanese man who had paid around £1,200 for her to be his ‘wife’ for four weeks.

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