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5 Replies to “Bavaria eliminates one blog and one political party for less-than-enthusiastic approach to Islam”

  1. The is how the Third Reich started, and like now there were people all around the world who applauded the actions and want to imitate them in their own countries.

  2. War is an Darwinian event like any other. Maybe in modern war where you have pacifists and REMF, the scales are tipped in the short run (for a few generations) to the craven. Germany did lose 7 million men during WW2.

    In the U .S. look who survived and thrived during and after Vietnam, the draft dodgers including the draft dodger in chief.

    Unless we go to a Spartan like system where a person doesn’t fight until he has sons, we could shift the genome of the West toward meekness at least until we are overrun.

    Those German Bayerishe leader who were speaking, they are untermensch in my opinion.

  3. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Vote for Nigel Farage in the UK. We are at war with islam and we do not have much time left. We have been here many times before – once more unto the breach, Dear Friends!

  4. Draft dodgers were of all political backgrounds. Cheney was of age in Vietnam but managed to obtain five deferments and ended up never fighting in Vietnam.

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